What Google’s New Dynamic Sitelinks Can Do For You >>

Those nice people at Google have given you and me, well if you have a Google Adwords account, something for free, yes free! They are dynamic sitelinks.

What are Dynamic Sitelinks?

Dynamic sitelinks are links that are automatically generated by Google and placed into your ad without you having to do anything. It’s essentially a little bonus link. While you may regularly include a sitelink to your hours or specials in your AdWords ad, the dynamic sitelink would appear underneath and link to a more specific part of your site.

Adrienne Erin – SiteProNews.com

These are in addition to the site links you can manually add to your ads.

Adrienne Erin on www.SiteProNews.com goes into more detail about these and discusses the advantages and disadvantages about the new dynamic sitelinks.