My Second Life - By Robyn Isles‘My Second Life: My Journey with terminal bowel cancer. From hopeless to healed. A spiritual awakening, childhood trauma and miracle story of my own resilience.’

At 44 years old my wife Robyn was diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer and was told it was incurable and inoperable. She was offered palliative chemotherapy only which she declined.

Miraculously two months later she was offered life saving surgery.

She opted out of post operative conventional treatment and immersed herself into deeply healing her body naturally, when repressed memories of a troubled childhood surfaced.

This is a healing story of mind and body and connecting the past with the present through the help of spirituality.

Her story is a year long insight into what it takes to find light in the darkness and will highlight the resilience of the human mind and body.

It’s an incredible, emotional, and positive story about how powerful the mind and body are.

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