Between our computer monitor to our phone or tablet, our waning contact with real-life moments means those moments have more power than ever. That is why experiential marketing can really make a lasting impression on customers.

What is experiential marketing?

Futuristic, interactive bus stops, escape room obstacles courses, and environmentally conscious spaces (like using recycled, re-purposed chairs or desks) are some of the latest ideas on the table. Instead of traditional brochures and verbal sales, an entire transformation of your environment should occur.

Whether that includes oversized elements, scented booths, interactive musical instruments or participation in a game, the goal is for your brand to activate and engage the consumer. Focusing on sensory elements or emotional cues is exactly how to make a lasting impression. These ideas can let you communicate your brand identity to your customer without having to say a word. Plus, the residual memory is more than lasting. It creates a connection between the brand and the customer.

Coastal Creative has collected 8 of the latest ideas and illustrated them so you can sample the experience yourself.