Are you confused between Wix vs WordPress?

This question will arrive in your mind when you decide to build a website from scratch.

And the question isn’t all that easy to answer, since on comparison between Wix and WordPress both are proved to be quite good systems as:

  • WordPress came years ago i.e. it has been dominating the popularity charts since then
  • Wix has been used to make some impressive strides lately with its new user interface along with multiple powerful features

In this article, you will get to compare Wix vs WordPress and cover the main differences between them. Along with them, you will get to know about the pros and cons of Wix and WordPress.
All these things will help you choose wisely between Wix and WordPress!

Comparison Between Wix and WordPress

Comparison Factor Wix WordPress Conculsion
Cost Wix offers its services at an affordable cost. However, there are two major downsides to it, which are:

  • It adds Wix branded advertisements on the Header and Footer of your website
  • While using Wix you cannot use a custom domain name for your website

Despite this, Wix basic plan does not offer add-ons like Google analytics on your websites. To do so you have to switch to Wix premium plans.

Also, each premium plan has different storage and limitations. The best value plan on Wix to date, is its Unlimited Plan i.e. $12.50/ month.

WordPress is available for FREE for anyone to use. You choose any WordPress plan referring to your budget.

In case you choose Bluehost for hosting your website then that will cost you $2.75/month and will also serve you with a FREE Custom domain name.

If you choose to use WP Engine for your website hosting then it will cost you around $29/month.

NOTE: The WordPress Cost increases if you decide to use Premium WordPress themes or Plugins for your website.

Along with that, WordPress comes with full support for eCommerce via the WooCommerce plugin. You can use the Woocommerce plugin to create an online store on your website.

To be clear Woocommerce is also FREE and open source just like WordPress.

As a Conclusion of “Cost Factor” among Wix vs WordPress

WordPress defeats Wix with its flexible plans that are suitable for various web hosting companies present in the market. However, the WordPress Cost depends on how many resources you opt for.

Easy to use
Wix includes easy-to-use tools that help you build your website efficiently. It is because Wix includes a simple drag and drop option which makes it easy for the user to edit, rearrange, write content, and add media files in a user-friendly environment.

If you are a beginner, then Wix is a better option for you as it’s easy-to-use features will save your time from dealing with code.

WordPress includes an incredibly impactful WordPress Block Editor that allows you to edit your web pages with a live preview. This helps you in getting better outcomes for your website design.

Apart from this, there are multiple blocks available comprising common elements such as text, headings, buttons, background images, galleries and much more at an affordable cost.
WordPress offers you will multiple things:

  • Offers Thousands of Website templates to use for your website design
  • Offers drag and Drop page builder plugins to help you build exceptional website design for your business
There is a tie in Easy-to-use factor of Wix and WordPress comparison as both offer easy code-free ways to write content, manage business and eCommerce websites easily. Simultaneously, Wix offers multiple editor interfaces to its users.

However, among both Wix and WordPress, WordPress offers easy methods that can be extended with a little bit of knowledge which is excellent in the long run.

Better design option Wix offers a wide range of pre-made templates to choose from. All Wix website designs are responsive and written in HTML5. Moreover, using the built-in tools, you can further customize your website design, change its layout, and rearrange them as per your requirements.

Templates of Wix are divided into various categories such as business, eCommerce, arts and crafts, etc. However, one of the disadvantages of Wix is that you cannot change your template once it’s selected.

WordPress provides thousands of FREE and Paid themes for your website. Confused What to opt for? Here is a little help for you:

  • Paid themes offer more features and offer you multiple premium support options
  • Whereas FREE themes have limited features

Apart from this, WordPress offers customization options and a wide range of themes from small sites to full-fledged eCommerce websites.
Unlike Wix, you can change your WordPress theme anytime you desire and can easily switch to another theme. This allows your website design to grow and help your business evolve.

In comparison to Wix Vs WordPress based on better design options, WordPress offers a wide range of themes and design layouts as compared to Wix.

WordPress users can easily switch themes or customize them as their requirements.

Plugins and apps
Wix offers 200+ applications that you can use for your website. All the applications offered by Wix serve a wide range of features such as adding contact forms, comments, social media buttons, email marketing, and gallery.

Wix applications have a lite version, where many of them are Free of cost for the users and others require monthly subscription. All the applications offered by Wix comprise almost every feature desired by the website owners.

To date there are more than 58,000+ free plugins available in the plugin directory.

Other than that there are premium plugins available at various marketplaces.

WordPress offers you plugins for everything such as:

  • To Create a contact form
  • Install Google Analytics
  • Build a Membership website and so on

Along with this, WordPress offers you both free and paid plugins to build your website from scratch.

In conclusion of the “plugins and application” factor in the difference between Wix and WordPress, WordPress beats Wix.

Even though Wix’s application library is expanding, it has still not reached the limit of WordPress variety.

Wix vs WordPress – Which one is better for Blogging?
Wix includes basic blogging features that allow you to easily add a blog section to your website. However, comments on Wix blogs are slow as compared to WordPress, which is why many users end up installing third-party commenting systems.

Despite that, Wix also lacks various features such as backdating posts, creating posts (private), and much more.

WordPress was the first to start as a blogging platform. It includes all the blogging features that are required by any website owner. This is the reason why WordPress owns nearly 40% of all websites in the market.

It includes almost every feature like a native commenting system. In comparison between Wix vs WordPress, WordPress comes with a more powerful Gutenberg Block editor, which allows you to create attractive layouts for your blog posts.

WordPress is leading the difference between Wix and WordPress, as it beats Wix as a blogging platform.

The reason behind leading is that Wix blogs are too basic and lack multiple important features. In case you are aspiring to start blogging then the best option to choose among them is WordPress.

Better Data Portability
Wix offers limited options to move your content to another platform as it only allows you to export your blog in XML format. It happens because the content is hosted on Wix’s servers. WordPress makes it easy for users to export their content as it is specifically designed for content management. You can easily download your content in XML format with a click.

As you know, WordPress is a self-hosted platform i.e. you can create your WordPress backups, download your content or media files and manually export it to your WordPress database.

In comparison between Wix and WordPress, WordPress is a lot better platform to build a website. As it easily allows you to download and move your data safely to your database. Whereas, Wix makes it difficult to move your content to another platform.


Hope the article has resolved your confusion about “Is Wix and WordPress the Same?”

The answer is NO, taking an overall conclusion of Wix vs WordPress, WordPress is far superior to Wix as it was the first web publishing platform for every website. While Wix on the other hand offers easy-to-use website building platforms.