Website development for a business is always a difficult decision to take. There are various options to select from. Being a business owner, we may fail to recognize which option to select. It may be WordPress, Wix, or Shopify. Furthermore, if you select WordPress for being the simplest Content Management System, you would like to choose between a custom theme and already available ones.

The available themes are developed for a business in general. It may be specific for a niche. However, if you may need a theme that portrays your business at a glance and have all the features you need, a Custom theme is the solution for you. Following are the reasons as why it is the best choice for your business.

1. Unique Design Helps Branding

A custom WordPress theme is design to you requirements. It is different from other websites and your competitors as it is business specific. It’s unlike an off-the-shelf theme that is built with a generic layout and features.

Look different, get recognized, and build a brand. It is one of the effective strategies to enter a market with impressive identity and make your website stand tall in the cut-throat competition. The online users tend to follow and revisit websites with designs and experiences they never found on other websites.

2. Easy to Use

Themes that are available off the shelf may be difficult to use and customize. Most of the website owners start with it and leave it because of difficulty to manage. These themes are not easy to use as there may not more tools, blocks, widgets every business may not need.

Clients or website owners can ask their web development company to include features of their choice that are easy to use. For example, they can have visual builders that may require owners to copy paste content, add images in a simple way.

3. Builds Visual Context

A custom WordPress theme is rich with visual elements relevant to a business. Visuals have the power to convey more than text. It combines to create a visual context that helps users get an idea about the business as soon as the page loads. It makes the first glance more descriptive than the text and videos on the page. A website design company spends a whole lot of effort in making the design visually appealing, relevant, and useful. Themes that are not developed around your business have irrelevant images and visual elements. Deleting them may require you to design more.

4. Fast Page Loading

Website structure contributes a lot to the page loading speed factors. A custom theme is optimized accordingly however; a ready-made theme may require you to implement multiple speed optimization strategies. It is significant for the user experience as users tend to leave a website soon if it takes too long to load.

Poor page loading is also an alarming signal for the search engine bots. They may mark the pages unsatisfactory and inadequate for the users. Users leaving pages without spending much of time results in increased bounce rate that may further worsen the search engine ranking and conversions.

5. Strengthens Website Security

Custom themes are supported by developers with timely updates. Hackers are finding new ways to crack the code and enter a website to steal data and take advantage of it. They may misuse the customers’ data or suspend the website. The entire effort of customizing a ready-made theme may waste due to security risks. A reliable web development company follows best practices to design a custom WordPress theme that is followed by security updates. This fixes issues and vulnerabilities, and protects a website from hacking and other malicious attacks.

6. Better Support

Custom theme development is a complete project for any web development agency. They have to build it from scratch that includes ideation and research, prototype designing, development, testing and quality assurance. Throughout the process, they get familiar with every part of the website as they code it step by step. They can provide you unmatched support as everything is code around your business. An off-the-shelf theme comes with limited support and compatibility issues with other applications.

7. Independent of Plugins

In WordPress you may need plugins for adding any major or minor feature. It may put more weight on your web hosting server resulting in poor website speed and performance. With custom theme, you get freedom from installing plugins for petty features as most of them are coded as custom requirements. Adding any functionality may require your developer to write a code and embed it to the core code. The theme no more relies on plugins or additional tools. Have a light-weight website and let others deal with bulky extensions they need for small features.


Custom WordPress theme is the right choice for your business is you want to launch with a broader reach. A small business that has to restrict its operations to a locality has limited requirements. However, an entrepreneur looking to establish a brand may go for a custom theme to make the website speak about the brand and advocate its excellence with a premium design.