Starting a new website or blog is undoubtedly thrilling. There’s a good chance you’re eager to introduce the world to your website. Sadly, a complete absence of traffic is the unpleasant truth that the majority of new site owners must deal with. Your website or blog won’t be of any use if no one knows about it and doesn’t visit it. Every website owner and writer want Google search traffic. But it typically takes a few months for that traffic to start flowing. What can you do if you don’t want to wait for Google to start providing traffic to your WordPress website?

Learn the tricks to boost your WordPress website traffic

Create Free Resources

In the midst of so many options for attracting attention to a website, making free materials is something that is far too frequently forgotten. It’s proven to be highly productive for me over the years with a few different sites, and it can work in almost any topic.

Essentially, you’ll be developing something and making it available as a free download on your website. You could make it freely available for download to anyone, or you could need them to sign up for your email list to receive it. Obviously, you’ll be able to expand your email list more if you make people sign up in order to receive the freebie. But, if it’s available to everyone, you might be able to attract more links and visitors. There are loads of options, including handouts, checklists, stock photographs, etc.

This method of creating freebies works for several reasons:

  • It’s something that everybody can do. The creation of a free resource probably won’t take any longer than writing a regular blog post.
  • Outsourcing is an option. If you want to develop a resource that is outside of your area of expertise, you can easily find someone to do it for you.
  • People adore freebies. If your resource is useful, it will generate links and social media shares.
  • You’ll win over visitors. Giving people something good will go a long way toward creating your reputation or persuading them to return.
  • It is easier to advertise something that is free. You’ll need to work hard to acquire visitors to your website or blog in the early stages. A valuable resource that you’re offering free of charge is one of the easiest things to endorse.

Here are some tips for using this to increase traffic

  • Give away something of real worth. The most important thing to remember is to make sure your freebie is something people will want to download. It should ideally be something that’s worth spending money on.
  • Share this everywhere. Once your freebie is accessible on your website, you must promote it. A link can be distributed via social media, requested to be distributed by others, posted on forms or community websites, etc. Opportunities will vary depending on your niche and the subject of your freebie. You might be able to share it on many different community websites. Your freebie should gain traction and generate some traffic if it is actually valuable.
  • Make contact with people and request links. Proactively contact bloggers and website owners to ask for a link from appropriate pages.

Use guest posts to leverage on your free resources

Writing guest posts on other blogs is frequently mentioned as a method of increasing traffic to a new site. The average guest post is unlikely to create large quantity of click through traffic. But he fact that it can be a very efficient way to establish your name, recognition and get in front of a certain audience. The ideal way to maximize the traffic from your guest articles is to combine this strategy with the advice about offering free materials. You will have a far higher chance of driving traffic to your own website or blog if you produce guest articles that allow you to mention or advertise your free resource. Examine the subjects you could write about that would logically let you to mention your free resource in the article’s body. If you can get your guest post to rank on the top page of Google for a popular keyword or phrase, it could result in a steady stream of traffic for your website.

Create Experts Roundups

A blog article featuring quotes or comments from a variety of experts in the field or industry is known as an expert roundup. You could pose the same query to 20 people, and then include their comments in the blog post (including a link back to their site). Bloggers enjoy taking part in expert roundups since it gives them exposure and a simple link.

Finding individuals eager to take part in an expert roundup that will be posted on your blog is simple, even if you are a new blogger. This comes into play once the post is published in terms of using other people’s audiences. If you include them in an expert roundup, the majority of people are delighted to share a link to your article via their social media profiles. You might be able to convince a few people to share the article with their followers. It will provide your site some traffic and fantastic exposure.

Here are some pieces of advice

Don’t be hesitant to contact well-known bloggers. Some people will reply when you ask them to join our expert roundup, while others won’t. Never expect to have 100% participation, but that’s okay.

Reach out to some of the more well-known bloggers in your niche without hesitation. Many of them are delighted to take part.

Employ Google Forms

The best way to handle and arrange an expert roundup, in my opinion, is to construct a Google Form and then distribute the form’s link. Create a field or numerous fields if there are multiple questions so that participants can input their name, email address, URL, and a field for their response.

Encourage participants to share the post

Following the post’s publication, it’s time to contact each contributor, inform them that it has been done so, express gratitude for their participation, and provide them with the post’s URL.
Ask them if they would post it on their social media accounts. Make sure the post has social sharing buttons to make it simple for them, or provide them links to your own profiles so they may re-share the content.

Email Marketing

When you have the appropriate tools and partners on your side, email marketing becomes much easier and more enjoyable. WordPress is a kind platform, so you may power your email marketing efforts with a few of the plugins that are readily available. A couple of good examples are the free MailPoet plugin and the paid Mailster plugin.

A few examples of third-party email marketing providers are MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Mad Mimi. All of these services connect with WordPress. This lets you focus on creating fantastic content and generating revenue. Email marketing helps in interlinking and you gradually go deeper into the website. With time, your email list will become a rich tool of traffic, referrals, and cash.

Leverage social media

The internet is home to a variety of social networking sites, with new ones appearing on a daily basis. These social networking sites generate massive amounts of traffic, which you may profit from. You can begin by opening accounts on a few social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Reddit, and StumbleUpon. It can be for both your personal and brand.

The idea is to promote all of your pages and articles on various platforms. If you can find a few people eager to support your cause on these websites, you’ve already won half the battle. One general rule should govern your efforts as you take the war to social networking sites. Rather than, say, spamming the crap out of people, strive to deliver true value at all times. WordPress already has the fantastic Jetpack plugin, which includes an advertise module. Once enabled, publicize will automatically publish your posts on social media with your readers. Although this is a wonderful thing, using all of Jetpack’s capabilities has been known to slow down your page speed. This causes a greater bounce rate, a worse user experience (UX), and ultimately less traffic. Use caution and just turn on the functions you require.

You must take it a step further and give readers as many options as possible for sharing your material. You have absolutely no excuses because WordPress already includes its own social media icons  under the name of Jetpack sharing. If you create quality content, one of your brand ambassadors shares it on social media, and then more and more people do the same. Your article will go viral and drive a lot of traffic. Social media is very powerful. Create fantastic stuff and make it simple to share.

SEO and Keyword Integration

SEO is an important element that you should keep in mind even as you begin.

  • Discover the fundamentals of on-page optimization: If you’re new to Search Engine Optimization, the basics aren’t all that complicated. Just having the very minimum of knowledge will get you going. You can check the link WordPress SEO.
  • Create content that focuses on particular keywords that readers are searching for. If you want to acquire traffic from Google, you should write content that targets keywords and phrases that people are genuinely searching for. To conduct keyword research, you can use tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, or KWFinder.
  • Consider the purpose of the search. You must offer the kind of material Google believes the searcher is seeking for in order to appear on the first page of Google results. Do a search to see what content is currently at the top of the results to get an idea of what Google considers to be the greatest content before you write a post to target a keyword or phrase. You won’t likely rank on the first page with a blog post if all of the top pages are e-commerce sites because it doesn’t fit the search intent.
  • Keep an eye on the word count. Today, Google favors in-depth content. Because of this, longer material typically performs better in many categories. Check the word count of the pages at the top of the Google rankings by using the free Word Counter Plus Chrome plugin. You will need to compose a lengthy essay if you want it to stand a chance of ranking if they are all lengthy. Of course, it must also be outstanding.
  • Establish links to your website. Inbound links from other websites pointing to your site are important for SEO.
  • Internal links should be included in your blog postings. In order to improve SEO, you should link to previous blog pieces as you write and publish new ones.
  • Be consistent and patient. Building search engine traffic requires time and work, but the effort is rewarding.
  • Include LSI keywords in your posts: By using LSI keywords into your content, you can assist Google and other search engines in better understanding what your post is about. In addition to helping, you rank for your main keyword, LSI keywords can help you rank for a broader range of keywords. You should focus on a specific keyword or phrase that you want to rank for while generating blog material, of course. Nevertheless, a lot of other words and phrases are related to it, regardless of what that word or phrase is. LSI keywords are those associated words and expressions.

Conduct Contests

Giveaways and contests are excellent strategies to increase traffic to your blog. If you have a special deal on WordPress themes to give away, you may have people enter the competition by liking the giveaway on Facebook or tweeting it to friends. You can even request that readers subscribe and spread the word about the contest whichever you like the further the word travels, the more traffic you will receive to your blog.


If you’re just getting started with these methods of driving traffic, make sure to incorporate them properly. Every option works best when it is properly integrated with the others. Timing is also important in this procedure. Make a plan before you begin taking action. Establish both short-term and long-term objectives. To summarize, let me emphasize two points that you should start with:

  • Consistency is key when guest blogging, but it will probably be difficult for you to publish a guest piece every day. Make a weekly or monthly goal for yourself and stick to it.
  • Social media will become a full-time job. You can’t restrict reader interactions to certain hours. You must show up, answer inquiries, and promote conversation. Otherwise, nobody will be using your platforms.

Author’s Bio

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She began with poems and progressed to essays, articles, blogs, and other forms of writing. Then, she became a full-time writer.

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