Making a website on WordPress is fairly easy but ensuring that your website is perfectly suited for your brand can be quite a task. This is why it is important to have a checklist of important elements that must be a part of your website. Some of these factors have been explained below.


A header will probably be the first thing that users notice about your website. It should have all the necessary information and must make a good impression. You can start by adding your business name and logo in the header. You can get one by using an effective tool for creating an IT business logo design. You should also add a search bar to the header so that the user can easily search for the section that they are looking for. Adding your business phone number or email in the header is also a great way of encouraging users to reach out to you.


First of all, you need to make sure that the footer stays the same on every page of the website. This will create more consistency in design. You can also add contact information in the footer especially if it is not added to the header. All your business social media pages should be linked in the footer. If your business has a newsletter, its signup details should also be present in the footer. You must add copyright information there too. The footer is the last thing viewers see on a page so it must direct them to other pages by including navigation links.


The bandwagon effect is real and this is why people will trust a brand that other people have trusted in the past. By adding reviews to your website, you can claim the authority of your business and convince users to trust your products and services. Positive reviews are known to generate leads and get more sales. It also shows transparency to the users and reduces their fear of buying from a new business. Feel free to add a creative review section on your website for achieving the goals of your website.

Social Media Plugins

Social media plugins help you connect your website to social media networks that are popular amongst people. WordPress allows you to insert these plugins so that your website can reach more people. You can use a plugin like Smash Balloon to build a social wall on your website on which Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook feed will all come together in one space. It also allows you to customise the display of your Twitter and Facebook feeds. The best thing about it is that it also works well on mobile.


Any website would be boring without images but even with images, some websites are unable to make a mark. This is because it is essential to choose compelling images that will attract more visitors to the website. The images on your website must be high-quality pictures, preferably taken by a professional photographer, and optimized for SEO with alt-text and meta descriptions, and ensure all images are not heavy to load. This means that all pictures must serve a purpose other than adding to the visual appeal of the website. They should align with the text on the website and must encourage users to build a connection with your brand.


A business website does not necessarily have a blog but with a blog, you can add that wow factor to your website. Blogs contain relevant and important information that keeps users hooked to your website. If you keep updating your website with new blogs on trending topics, you have a high chance of convincing users to keep revisiting your website. This not only increases sales but also helps gain customer loyalty. Great websites always have a blog that is consistently updated and caters to a large audience with interesting and fun topics for everyone.

Call To Action

To achieve your website goals, you must add CTAs to every page. When users visit your website, it is possible that they will simply read the content on it and leave. To prevent this from happening, you must have CTAs on your website so that your users can remember to take action and reach out to you. It also serves as a guide for the user who might be aimlessly scrolling on the website. It directs them to your contact details and encourages them to any questions they may have or learn about your brand in more detail by getting in touch.

Ad Plugins

Many WordPress website owners rely on ads for generating revenue. It is a great way of earning easily with the help of your business website. For optimizing your ad revenue on WordPress, you can use several plugins that help you manage these ads well. These will help you insert ads anywhere on the website that you want, making it possible for you to get the most benefit out of these ads. Plugins like Adsanity and Adrorate are great for this job as they are easy to navigate and simple to understand. They also allow you to optimize ads without affecting your WordPress website theme.


Creating a great WordPress website can be an easy task if you implement these tips and make sure that the website has all the necessary pages and sections. Just remember that each website is unique and you must design your website in a way that aligns with your overall branding.