WordPress is open-source software that has been used by various businesses for designing websites. Websites make an essential digital marketing channel for organisations to deliver content to their target audience. Through websites, companies can generate leads for sending personalised marketing campaigns and even provide customers services of online shopping through e-commerce platforms.

However, if businesses want to develop a loyal customer base, it requires them to find out the needs of their target audience and customers. To understand the needs of their customers, businesses must establish records of every lead or client that interacts with them.

Sorting and organising lead and client data can become a mundane and time-consuming task for your employees. A CRM application can automate such repetitive tasks.

The Function of a CRM

A CRM system uses a variety of tools for making effective and interactive relations with clients, leads, and prospects. It provides a centralised data record making it easier for employees to access and manage customer data.

That’s not all; CRM software provides calendars, marketing automation tools, operation management features and facilitates the creation of online forms for generating and following up of leads.
Once you know how to utilise the tool to its maximum functionality, it can serve as the best Real Estate CRM for your business operations.

Benefits of Converting Your WordPress into a CRM

WordPress facilitates establishing a CRM within your WordPress platform. It offers several plugins that businesses can use for converting their WordPress site into a fully operating CRM. Though there are a variety of CRM apps available in the market, using plugins provides your business with the following advantages.

Reduces Website Operating Costs

A full-fledged CRM can cost you from as low as $8.00/user/month and can surpass $500/user/month for additional features. Whereas several WordPress CRM plugins are free to use, and you can use their additional features through reasonable subscription packages.

The only cost you have to pay is for running your WordPress platform.

No limitation to Adding Contacts and Users

CRM software providers such as Salesforce and Zoho limit the number of employees and contacts that a business can add to their CRM. Whereas, with WordPress CRM plugins, you can add as many contacts and team members as you wish.

Simple to Integrate with eCommerce Platforms

WordPress CRM plugins can be easily connected with online stores made through WordPress or WooCommerce. They can help you to collect and record customer data at every sales deal made. This can help businesses to launch suitable campaigns for promoting new services.

CRM Plugins that can Powerup Your WordPress Platform

The plugins mentioned below can help you to convert your WordPress site into your very own CRM platform. You can either use them for free or subscribe to paid versions for enhanced functionality.

1. HubSpot

HubSpot CRM plugin provides a collection of powerful features for managing customer interactions through your WordPress site. Its free plugin provides a contact management system for sorting clients and leads into organised lists.

With its e-mail and marketing automation tool, you can design e-mails and marketing campaigns for making automated responses to customer website activity, such as searching for products or interacting with chatbots.

You can use HubSpot’s CRM plugin for integrating online forms in your WordPress site with its free CRM or even create them. This helps to sync customer data into CRM records, keeping them constantly updated.

Take the advantage of HubSpot’s plugin to provide 24/7 online support to site visitors through its live chat integration or chatbots.

2. vCita CRM and Lead Management

vCita CRM and Lead management software can enable your business to keep track of customer transactions, provide sales opportunities, draw important insights, and automate notifications regarding client website activity.

The plugin provides access to vCita’s Small Business Management App, which acts as a free CRM. It enables the creation of client profiles in the form of cards and provides an easy subscribing solution through social media platforms and Google.

With this free CRM plugin, you can send automated e-mail or SMS responses for customer reminders or appreciation messages. Some other business processes that you can carry out include booking appointments and uploading documents.

The CRM feature is supported both on Android and iOS.


WP ERP is an enterprise resource planning system that is packed with functions for handling both your business operations and online websites. It serves 3 main business components, HR, CRM, and accounting, all combined in one plugin.

The WP ERP’s free version has all the basic features in all of its three components. The HR suite enables adding employee profiles with editing permissions, adding departments and teams, and sharing of announcements.

The CRM suite provides customisable life stages for every customer. You can record customer interactions, make, and access important conversation notes. With the plugin, you can collect leads and appoint tasks to different teams of your organisation. You can even establish client meeting schedules within the CRM plugin and categorise your clients.

4. JetPack CRM

The creators of the JetPack CRM plugin are of the same company that created WordPress, Automattic. This plugin can be used with multiple extensions and is free of charge. It provides a simple-to-use interface for managing contact records of leads and customers.

The CRM plugin has various templates for sending quotations and invoices of products to customers. The CRM has a client portal in which clients can view your company’s proposals and transactions conducted.

WordPress sites that use WooCommerce, PayPal, Twilio, or MailChimp can work with this CRM plugin.


Manually managing client or lead data into spreadsheets can make your business teams unproductive, especially as leads and customers grow. Not only would it become difficult to grasp insights, but also your employees won’t be able to develop efficient life cycle stages for every customer or potential prospect.

Adding CRM plugins within your WordPress site can help your business to handle both your website functions and business operations through one platform. Through the CRM plugins, your business teams can engage with prospects and customers better to enhance lead conversions and boost profits.

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