Typography is the most crucial design element on your website

Typography is the most crucial element and many people out there might now be aware of this yet, it directly or indirectly impacts on the user mind and permits you to stand ahead of your competitors. Being a graphic designer, you should know how to make font selection that goes well with the site and give a gratifying look to the website.

If we talk about WordPress site, in various ways, you can make it look appealing. Though WordPress includes limited fonts but you can work on it by appending the custom fonts that will make your site worth visiting. It requires a few uncomplicated steps to get your hands-on custom fonts that I am going to demonstrate in this guide.

Custom fonts let you delightfully add a combination of different unique fonts that make your website look elegant and intensify the user’s experience. Apart from that, it also increases the user’s time spent on your website by improving the readability. Want to know how to add these fonts in your site? Let’s have a look on the below detailed guide!

How to Download Custom Fonts?

If you are looking for free custom fonts, you have thousands of sites from where you can get licensed fonts for commercial use. However, make sure the site you chose should not deliver low-quality fonts because not every site who render free fonts are rich in quality.

If you are looking for personal use, you can have them from different notable sites. Now once you have downloaded your desired fonts, the next steps entail making it web-friendly because not every custom font holds every browser. If the downloaded font doesn’t support your browser, you have to make it web-friendly.

For example, if I have a clothing store or website and I want a unique font to use in my store then I will be simply going for the supreme font that is acknowledged for its great background. It appears in white on red colour background. But always make sure that it’s matching with the theme or design of your website.

To ensure either the selected custom font is cooperative with your browser, you can take help from Web font Generator. This tool can modify any font to a web-friendly format. You have to purchase the license before using this tool after which you are allowed for the conversion of fonts.

Adding Custom Fonts to Your WordPress Website

There are 2 ways with which you can attach custom fonts to your site, including manually and with Plugins. Let’s put a light on both ways for better comprehension.

How to Add Manually?

Excessive use of plugins can overburden your site, and if you want to dodge such a situation, you can go for Manually procedure. To begin the process, go to your hosting account and upload the font.

  • Download the desired font and don’t forget to extract .zip which is needed.
  • Transfer your textual style record to wp-content/themes/your-theme/fonts registry. Make a different text styles organizer on the off chance that you don’t have one yet. You can utilize an FTP customer like FileZilla or cPanel File Manager for this errand.
  • Now proceed to your site and visit the admin area, click the option ‘Appearance’ and then go for ‘Theme editor.’ You will be given a CSS code that you have to copy and paste below. Remember to change the URL values and font family.
  • Once you are done, press the update button. All your changes will be saved.

It is how you can manually add custom fonts to your WordPress without any complicated process.

How to Add with Plugins?

It is more informal to add fonts with plugins so I will suggest you to try this procedure. A few distinguished options for adding fonts with plugins incorporate:

WP Google Fonts

WP Google font plugin permits you to practice custom fonts and implement them to a particular CSS part. You can install this plugin from the WordPress directory. Later from the Dashboard panel open Google font control panel. You will come across various options that you have to fill, including Font style and element.

Once you are done with every step, here comes custom fonts with WP Google Font plugin. Isn’t it the easiest way to have custom fonts to make your WordPress site appealing?

Easy Google Fonts

Another plugin that let you add custom fonts is ‘Easy Google Font’ plugin. You don’t need to shake your head with coding complexity as it requires a simple procedure to have custom fonts with this plugin. After downloading this font, make a few changes in settings, and here you go.

From the WordPress Dashboard, go to Settings and click ‘Google font.’ On the off chance that you need to change your theme’s typography immediately, enter your WordPress Customizer by clicking Appearance and then Customize. Next, you can begin modifying in the Typography segment where you can oversee text styles on any aspect of your site.

Use Any Font

Here is another plugin that is used in this regard. ‘Use Any Font’ is another exceptional plugin that permits you to make your website worth visiting by adding custom fonts. Through custom fonts, you can change the look of your site and increase the readability factor.

This plugin authorizes you to add several other fonts to intensify the beauty of your site. Once you have installed this plugin makes a free API key and later click the verify option. After it is verified, you can upload any font in different formats. Isn’t it the easiest way to make your work done?


Today you have come across the procedure of adding Custom fonts to your WordPress site. Though various other plugins are used to add custom fonts, yet I have mentioned the most used plugins that inevitably authorizes you to get your hands-on thousands of different fonts. If you are running any website, make sure that typography should be your priority.

Whatever font you have selected even it doesn’t support your browser I have mentioned a tool through which you can make it compatible with your site. I am sure this guide has cleared your doubts regarding custom fonts. Use the methods mentioned above, the next time you want to add custom fonts.