WordPress is the most popular and accessible CMS platform. And there are more than 50,000+ WordPress plugins to choose from. As the choice is overwhelming, new users find it tricky to choose the best ones for their website.

Moreover, most WordPress plugins are bound to turn a simple site into the most intuitive one. The plugins are like applications that offer new features to the website, similar to Smartphone apps.
However, not all the plugins are built equal. Some might offer you excellent functionalities – and some minimum. Having the right set of tools and plugins can help grow your business.

Plus, the installation of the right plugins can help your business get visibility and reach.

10+ Must-Have WordPress Plugins For Business Websites

1. All in one SEO

All in one SEO is the most downloaded plugin, used by 3 million sites. It comes with comprehensive tools and features for all your SEO needs.


  • Add SEO title, keywords, and meta description with the tool
  • It lets you generate XML sitemaps – and connects your site to the Google Search Console
  • With social media integration, you have full control over digital marketing
  • It offers rich snippets of Schema and video SEO sitemaps
  • With an SEO audit checklist, you can analyze your site to detect critical errors
  • SEO custom user roles allow you to access all the vital SEO features
  • It comes with advanced E-commerce SEO support and Google news sitemaps

2. WP Forms

Wp Forms helps you stay connected to the visitors of the site. It is a user-friendly contact form plugin, with a simple drag & drop online builder feature.


  • Enables creation of online order forms, contact forms, payment forms, email subscription forms, and survey forms
  • Comes with pre-built templates to create contact forms
  • Allows multi-page forms that enhance user experience
  • Comes with a geolocation option that helps to display the user information
  • Integrates with all the leading payment and marketing platforms
  • Polls functionality lets you analyse your site response
  • Upgrade to one of the pro plans for added features

3. Yoast SEO

SEO plays a significant role in boosting traffic – and providing your site with a ranking in SERP. Plus, it allows you to build SEO-friendly pages and increase the user experience of the site. Yoast SEO offers comprehensive SEO functions to improve your site performance.


  • It helps you generate sitemaps, metatags and connects your site to the Google Search Console
  • Provides internal linking suggestions for your website
  • Comes with a powerful redirect feature to build 301 redirects
  • Provides access to readability check
  • Optimises your site for synonyms, key phrases, and keywords
  • Allows you to create a customised Meta header and description
  • Updates your site according to the Google algorithm
  • Enables XML news sitemaps

4. WP Rocket

Your site loading speed affects your website visibility. So, it is vital to pay attention to speed. Plus, quick load times are critical to every business’s needs and caching solutions. WP Rocket creates attached copies that reduce the workload of the website, thus improving speed.


  • Minifies HTML, javascript, and CSS
  • Enhances the features of user-end browsing caching
  • Helps to integrate the caching solution with the CDN network
  • Loads all the site images on request
  • Facilitates the lazy loading feature and boosts the loading times
  • It is compatible with Cloudflare
  • It supports the WordPress multisite feature
  • Helps with eCommerce optimisation and GZIP compression
  • Get a faster cache version on a single click
  • Reduces the latency and improves availability

5. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache improves core web vitals and user experience of your site. Additionally, it reduces the loading times by integrating with the CDN network. It offers a total performable solution for WordPress site optimisation.


  • Offers accelerated mobile page support
  • Helps in caching of minified and compressed pages, and posts in disk memory
  • Compatible with Shared hosting, Virtual Private, and Dedicated hosting
  • Minifies CSS, JavaScript and HTML
  • Offers minification of RSS feed and posts
  • Improves search engine page ranking for mobile-friendly pages
  • Improves conversion rates and site performance – which affects site ranking
  • Reduces the page load time and increases visitor time on the site
  • Offers framework extension for customisation

6. Monster Insights

It is vital to focus on website analytics and reports for business growth. With Monster Insights, you can set up Google Analytics for your site and see how your site is performing. Plus, it helps you understand complex analytics and user behaviour.


  • It helps you know about real-time stats so you can work on critical site errors
  • The setup is quick and easy, and you can do it in no time
  • Access to Google Analytics dashboard feature
  • The universal tracking feature helps you to make better decisions regarding your site
  • The file download tracking feature helps in site performance
  • Tracks eCommerce and provides vital metrics like – conversion rates, top referral sources, and top products

7. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a popular e-com plugin that helps you set up an online retail store. With WooCommerce integration, you can sell anything on your site seamlessly. You’ll be able to customise your site as there is an abundance of themes available.


  • Allows you to sell digital, affiliate, and physical products on your site
  • Allows you to ship wherever you like
  • Integrates with extensive payment platforms for complete flexibility
  • Lets you embed products, checkout on any page
  • Provides access to product ratings and reviews
  • Access to product filtering and sorting
  • Access to unlimited images and galleries
  • Offers to sell unlimited products

8. UpdraftPlus

Updraftlus allows you to set up automatic backups and store them in different remote locations. It is simple to set up and offers comprehensive features for your WordPress site.


  • Performs complete manual and scheduled backup for database, files, and themes
  • Lets you restore a backup directly from the control panel
  • Offers cloning and migration features for your site
  • Lets you take a backup of non-WordPress database and files
  • Offers reporting and email capabilities with lock settings
  • Lets you encrypt sensitive database
  • Take backups in a remote location like – Google Drive and Dropbox
  • The base plugin is free, but you can consider a paid plan for added features

9. Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security is the best plugin to prevent your site from unnecessary security complications and concerns. Additionally, it helps to reduce potential dangers, keeping your site safe.


  • Access to a firewall that helps defend your site from malicious attacks
  • Checks the core plugins, files, and themes for bad URL
  • Checks for malware and malicious links
  • Offers complete leaked password protection
  • Access to advanced manual blocking
  • It repairs files and provides a country blocking feature
  • Provides access to two-factor authentication
  • Alerts you every time there is an unusual security threat on your site
  • Provides complete real-time protection to your site.

10. Akismet

Akismet is an anti-spam tool that helps to filter out spammy comments on your site. Also, it provides a history of comments that helps you understand which comments are marked as spammy.


  • Offers basic and advanced spam stats right into your main admin area
  • Auto monitoring of all comments, filtering out the spam comments
  • Display approved comments on the site
  • Ensures complete privacy and provides GDPR compliance
  • Lets you check your URL in the comment body to eliminate suspicious links
  • Offers complete advanced security solutions along with spam protection

11. Jetpack

The Jetpack comes with a plethora of features you can use for your site. Plus, you don’t have to activate all the modules. You can use codes for each page on your site to customise the features.


  • Access to advanced site stats and analytics to understand your audience better
  • Integrate with social media and auto-post your blogs and products
  • Grow traffic with tools for Google, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Comes with many themes and image gallery tools
  • Access to subscriptions, contact form, and support
  • Integration with WooCommerce and other security plugins
  • Access to image CDN for static files like JavaScript

12. WP Smush

WP Smush promises to boost the speed and performance of your site by up 10 times. It helps to optimise your images and improves Google page speed. Optimisation becomes simple with this powerful plugin.


  • Lets you compress the images without affecting the image quality
  • Optimises images even if they aren’t located in the media library
  • Offers automated optimisation for super-fast compression
  • Offers multisite compatibility with global and individual settings
  • Processes all your image files to give you optimum results
  • With the configs feature – you’ll be able to set your preferred site settings
  • Cuts out unnecessary data and scales your images

Wrapping up

WordPress plugins can help to supercharge your business – and contribute to its growth. The only thing you need to consider is – usability.

Install those plugins which add value to your website – and help in expansion. WordPress plugins have become an essential need for your business.

Without coding or technical know-how, you can add the plugins to the website. The ease of use and features of plugins are unmatched. It can make your site intuitive and interactive without added effort.