Under Backlinko, nearly one billion people worldwide visit Instagram monthly. Moreover, 500 million users over the world attend the platform daily. And by the Instagram App Report 2022, more than 60% of this audience is aged 18-34. Such visitors are mostly aware of current creative trends. That’s why it’s so essential for business owners, bloggers, and even ordinary social network users to properly design their Stories Highlights. This is due to the popularity of clients’ profiles demands on it.

To make Stories Highlights more attractive, experts advise creating original covers for them. However, not everyone can develop an eye-catching face image by themselves. So, specialists advise applying readymade Instagram Highlight Templates within fulfilling such operations. Social network users may find a wide choice of unique samples on the corresponding online sources (e.g., VistaCreate).

What Are the Instagram Highlight Templates Categories?


Experts distinguish three main types of story covers: standard, thematic, and commercial. Regardless of its kind, a front image should be harmonious. Thus, it’s important to choose compatible colors and shades as well as select the optimal font type along with size. The use of samples simplifies such activities’ implementation.

What Should Be Known About Standard Cover Templates?

They’re suitable for bloggers or general users. Typically, such samples are made in the ‘lifestyle’ theme. Schematic icons of vehicles, sports equipment, coffee glasses, bicycles, etc., can be shown here.

Peculiarities of Thematic Highlight Templates

Such samples fit, e.g., ordinary users or bloggers who post photos from work on Instagram. Here, they may apply covers with images of shopping accessories, hairdressing equipment, plumbing tools, and so on.

Commercial Cover Templates Features

These samples suit business owners. That’s because such templates frequently make it possible to place the logo, name, as well as slogan of a company. Covers like these assist entrepreneurs in standing out from the competition.

How to Use Instagram Highlight Templates?

Main Instagram Highlight Templates Features

Pixabay + VistaCreate + Photoshop = Source

To make a story cover using a template, it’s commonly enough to follow the next algorithm:

  1. Sign up or log in to the appropriate website (such as create.vista.com).
  2. View the Instagram Highlight Templates catalog. Here, users should select one or several suitable samples.
  3. Make adjustments to the chosen template according to users’ needs. To do this, use the proposed built-in tools.
  4. Specify the purpose of the face image (Instagram Highlight Cover) and its size.

Finally, users have to download the finished cover on a PC or save it to a virtual disk. Usually, the whole procedure takes a few tens of minutes and doesn’t require setting up any software on a phone or computer.