Social media has become an invaluable tool for online marketing

Social media marketing offers the chance to increase brand visibility and create awareness about their goods and services.
Engaging with customers and sharing content is easy with tools like Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Social media marketing has led to the development of valuable tools, which make the process efficient and effective. There are tools for everything; generating leads, curating content, scheduling content posts and protecting your online safety.

Transform your social media game using these tools:

Lead generation


Like the name suggests, Audiense is a social marketing tool that helps users uncover an audience for their products or services. It simplifies finding new target audiences and allows their segmentation.

Audiense also tracks audience similarities, preferences and habits to aid understanding. Based on tracking results and reports, the user enhances engagement with their target audience and existing audience.


This tool is perfect for growing your audience on Twitter. Tweepi is a tool that helps with finding Twitter users most likely to be interested in your content and products. It searches for users interested in content similar to yours. After which, you can engage with them by retweeting their posts and mentioning them in tweets. You may also follow them or add them to a list. It also has a cleanup tool that aids users in removing inactive users.

Content Curation


Edgar takes social media management for the busy-bee to the next level. This tool provides a creative and automatic option for content sharing. The individual creates a content library differentiated into categories. A time slot can be included with each category, this indicates when content from that category should be posted.
Based on each category, Edgar will automatically post content from the library at the specified time slot.


This tools suite draws data from your followers to aid in making informed decisions. Curated data is useful for comparing your content’s performance against competitors. This allows you to enhance the quality of your content. This tool is useful during social media marketing campaigns. It provides information that aids audience growth and retention.

Listening/ Research Tools


This is a research tool for finding relevant content on social media. Once a term, hashtag or topic is inserted in this tool, it provides feedback on the popularity of the topic. It also allows brands, companies and influencers to monitor their growth. They can see mentions rate, product mentions, brand hashtags, and compare it with their marketing strategies.
Apart from developed topics, this tool can be used to curate novel ideas and content trends.


This is another tool that allows firms and individuals to gain insight on their social media presence. Users of this tool can see comments and opinions about their brand. Brand24 also notifies the user whenever the brand name is mentioned anywhere on the Internet.

With this tool, mentions can be segmented according to negativity, positivity or neutrality. Users can also note mentions from people with high social influence. Learn more about growing your brand through social media on

Protection Tools


LastPass is an encrypted password keeper. It stores the passwords for all your social media accounts and simplifies the log-in process. Apart from automatic log-ins, it aids in creating super-strong passwords for social media. The password vault is unlocked using a master password, so you only have to remember that one password.


ZeroFOX is a powerful tool that identifies and protects people from hackers. It blocks out hackers from overtaking accounts on popular social media platforms. Other applications such as Google Play, App Store for Apple and Slack also get coverage from this tool.

ZeroFOX also works as a public relations tool. It censors offensive content, removes fake profiles and blocks the access of scammers to the user’s followers. ZeroFOX protects you from yourself and from hackers.

Social Media Management and Scheduling Tools


This is a comprehensive social media marketing and management tool. Used by more than 15 million people, Hootsuite allows users to arrange, preview and schedule their content. Users can run social media marketing campaigns and analyse your social Return on Investment (ROI).

Multiple accounts can be linked to Hootsuite for easy monitoring and keyword analysis. Hootsuite can be connected to more than 35 social networks and bulk,-scheduling of posts is enabled.

Sprout Social

This is an all-inclusive social media management package. It is used to schedule social media posts, monitor engagements and create reports. Its reports are detailed and easy to understand. Fans of the tool have stated that they can forward reports with no added editing.

SproutSocial’s Instagram analytic tool is also lauded by its users. It has scheduling and publishing features as well as real-time monitoring.

It also has an in-built CRM (customer relationship management) feature. The CRM feature builds a customer profile to enable the delivery of specialised service.


This is a social media management tool. It also has a built-in CRM (customer relationship management) that enables the grouping and tracking of one’s social media audience.

AgoraPulse is also used to schedule posts and has an analytics tool. The analytic tool tracks the performance of your posts and the effectiveness of social media campaigns. AgoraPulse can be used to organise promotional events, quizzes and contests. Data provided by this tool is useful for making campaign comparisons against competitors.


HubSpot offers a complete digital marketing software. It includes its social media management tools in this package. Users can schedule marketing campaigns and measure their ROI (Return on Investment) after each one. Because it is integrated into a complete marketing package, comparing social media marketing ROI results with other marketing channels is easy.

Bonus Tool: Bitly

Bitly shortens long URLs to make them easy to post and share across various social media platforms. The short URLs work perfectly wherever they are posted. Bitly also enables link analytics which allows the user to track the engagement of individual links. Informed marketing decisions can be made using collected insights and information.

Social media marketing is more effective and efficient with these tools. With so many types, there is surely something for everyone.