There are Many Javascript-based Libraries and Frameworks

With Javascript being the most popular and in-demand programming language, it is no wonder that numerous Javascript-based libraries and frameworks have been developed and made available for developers in the market today. Of these, the top 3 Javascript frameworks are undoubtedly ReactJS, VueJS, and AngularJS.

ReactJS Framework

ReactJS is an open-source frontend development Javascript framework developed by Jordan Walke and his team in 2011. ReactJS has been a driving force in the quality and process of web application development we see today. A component-based framework, ReactJS has a functional and declarative programming structure. IT is mainly used in building interactive single-page web application UI tools.

Vue JS Framework

Taking inspiration from Angular, Evan You developed the Vue JS framework in 2014 as an efficient and light-weight alternative to the existing Javascript frameworks. Vue delivers major improvements on common features with Angular and React, providing a more secure and easy to use frontend development framework.

AngularJS Framework

AngularJs is a Typescript-based open-source framework developed in 2010 by Google engineers Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons. It is mostly used to build client-side focused single-page web apps. Angular has 2 major versions, the first incarnation of which was called AngularJS or Angular 1, while the second is called Angular 2 or Angular.

Vue Javascript Framework

All over the internet, over 850,000 websites are being powered by the Vue JS framework. Sites like DeepCode, Nintendo, Behance, Gitlab, Font Awesome, Laravel, Laracasts, and Upwork are only several of the most popular websites that are built using the Vue JS framework. A Vue JS developer is among the highly in-demand developers in the market today.

Vue JS framework ranks among the top 3 Javascript frameworks in developer satisfaction, interest, and awareness, and is also the 2nd most widely used Javascript framework after ReactJS. The 2020 Stackoverflow Insight Survey showed that among the Javascript web development frameworks, Vue JS framework ranks among the top 3 Javascript frameworks and 7th for overall web development frameworks.

Features and Functionalities

Virtual DOM

Similar to React and Ember, Vue utilizes Virtual DOM. Instead of affecting the DOM directly, users and developers utilize a replica of the actual DOM, which contains the necessary Javascript data structures. Once final, the changes made are then updated to the real DOM of the page. This process requires minimal resources and is more efficient.

Data Binding

Data binding supports the Vue Javascript framework to facilitate HTML value attributes, style changes, and class assignments. A directive named v-bind handles this data binding process in the Vue JS framework.


As a component-based framework, Vue provides any Vue JS developer the tools to build reusable custom HTML components. This makes the components more modular, scalable, and flexible in their use.

Event Handling

For Vue JS framework, v-on is the attribute to be added to the BOM element or component that handles event listening for the component. This ensures that there are triggers for the responsiveness of the web application.


Templates make rendering DOM easier. These HTML-based templates bind DOM elements with instance data in Vue. Vue builds these templates onto the DOM Render function. A Vue javascript developer can then reuse these templates and the corresponding Vue Render functions for other components.


Several frontend processes and actions have their own directive. V-if, v-else, v-bind, v-model, v-show, and v-on are some of the directives that perform frontend actions for the framework.


In addition to event handling, watchers look out for any changes made to data. When used, little to no additional event handling is needed for changes made to data, which makes the code simple and manageable.


The vue-route tool handles the navigation between pages and the transfer of information. This ensures optimal route handling for the web application solution.


Vue CLI or Vue Command Line Interface ensures that the web application solutions can be built and compiled using the command line.

Why Hire Vue JS Developer Services?

To hire a Vue JS developer for your web application project is not easy. Skills and experience are only as strong as the developer’s range of tools and aptitude for those tools. The Vue JS developer salary is only a part of it. A Vue JS developer has several advantages going for them with the Vue JS developer tools and framework.

Pros of Using Vue JS Framework

1. Lightweight

Vue Javascript framework is a lightweight framework that enables any Vue JS developer to easily install, setup, and configure in any platform. This lightweight also ensures that Vue JS development and performance of the framework is fast.

2. Large Audience

Vue JS ranks among the top 3 Javascript frontend development frameworks in the market. There are over 290 contributors to its core Github project, and it has over 166K stars on the platform. The framework has registered over 1.63 million weekly downloads as of June 2020.

3. Simplicity in Structure

Vue’s strongest appeal is its simplicity. The simple and compact structure of the Vue javascript framework ensures that a Vue JS developer can code more with less complicated syntax and structure. Its single-file component coding system enables a Vue JS developer to have the necessary HTML, CSS, and Javascript code to be coded in a single file.

4. Integrated MVC

Vue javascript framework has built-in Model-View-Controller (MVC) structure that provides structure and organization to Vue JS developer code. This structure also enables ease of configuration to Vue JS developer tools and extensible libraries and plugins.

5. Manageable Learning Curve

Unlike React or Angular, a Vue JS developer need not learn other languages like Typescript or JSX. It leverages Javascript and provides accessible and reusable HTML templates to make coding easier. Modular and reusable templates and its MVC structure reduce the unnecessary complexity in the code and structure.

6. Compact Framework

Vue Javascript framework is lightweight despite its versatility and wide range of tools and libraries. Barely 20 kilobytes when compressed, it is more portable and easier to install than React or Angular.

7. Comprehensive Documentation

Vue is among the Javascript frameworks available with the most comprehensive documentation available. A Vue Javascript developer, regardless of experience, will not have a shortage of Vue JS development guidance or reference when developing using the Vue JS framework.

8. Easy Integration

Not only does the Vue JS framework have a simple yet efficient and effective structure to build complete web application solutions, but the framework also lends itself to easy integration with other existing web-based applications or tools.

9. Backward Compatible

Unlike Angular, Vue is backward compatible – can be used alongside tools or libraries from its older version. This makes Vue more usable for developers because it will be easier for a Vue Javascript developer to continuously code and adapt to new versions or updates to the framework.

10. Limited Restrictions

Given the large library and built-in tools, requires little large scale coding external tools. The libraries enable Vue JS development to be as flexible, scalable, and adaptable. With a large focus on the user-facing part of the web application solution, Vue JS development ensures responsive and well-equipped web solutions.

Vue JS Framework: Driving the Future

Vue Javascript framework is among the frontend development tools that are currently molding and directing frontend development for web application solutions. Its current success and growth indicate that it takes into consideration the developers’ needs and the trends going forward. Vue JS framework will continue to grow and adapt as the developer and consumer needs evolve. More frameworks will come and take the stage, but Vue has the foundation and the capacity to evolve and meet those changes.