Mobile apps have already penetrated every sphere of our daily lives, ranging from operating intelligent devices in our homes and workplaces to the apps for controlling enterprise operations to the mobile apps for entertainment, gaming, shopping and everything in between. Naturally, mobile apps remain at the very centre of the tech revolution.

If you look at the evolving trends in mobile apps, the impact of new and innovative design and development approaches will always stand out. In the coming years, this is not going to be hardly different. The 5G network is already here to transform the entire digital world, including that of apps. Integrated app security within development methodology to the emergence of intelligent bots for app design, new technologies continue to shape mobile apps.

Here we will present some of the less talked about development trends that are likely to remain constant for the mobile apps of the future.

Intelligent design bot

Already intelligent AI-powered chatbots are parts and parcels of mobile apps and modern web interfaces. Chatbots helping businesses to deliver continuously proactive customer services with an interactive tool is a great value addition that no company can undermine. Apart from being introduced in the chat interactions, Bots made their presence for carrying out other digital tasks, including content writing and blogging.

For any mobile app development company, automation tools these days play an essential role in designing and developing apps. Mobile app UI/UX design is considered a highly creative process involving several vital considerations and creative aspects. Unarguably, such creative tasks and processes are generally not regarded as ideal for the role of bots. But surprisingly enough, specific bot tools made a significant impact in shaping the look and feel of the apps.

Intelligent bots, having learned from the best design practices and the critical design requirements for the project can offer highly effective design outline and visual elements effective to shape the look and feel. Design bots in the years to come can play a significant role in automating the app design processes. As mobile app projects increasingly rely on powerful automation tools for faster development output than ever before, the emergence of powerful design tools seems to be a natural outcome.

5G Wireless Network

The vast majority of app users and developers are already looking forward earnestly to the coming of the 5G network with a bang. Yes, never promising before speed and performance, the 5G network can completely revolutionize the mobile app projects in the years to come. In this respect, it is essential to understand the key value propositions of the 5G network and how it can bring a paradigm-shifting change to app development.

First of all, let us remind you that the 5G wireless network is at least 100 times faster than the present 4G network speed. With such breathtaking and lightning speed, app performance is likely to get a complete makeover, the extent of which cannot be imagined at this very moment. No wonder all the tech experts worldwide are saying that the 5G network holds the future for mobile apps and the entire tech world, for that matter.

As of now, all major device manufacturers and leading smartphone brands, including Apple and Google, have positioned themselves as the early adopters of the 5G network technology. Since speed is the mission-critical component for all kinds of app features and niche functions, including 3D gaming data security, virtual and augmented reality and many others, the emergence of the 5G network can bring an overwhelming transformation to the app world.

DevSecOps approach to development

The development approach, widely known as DevOps, combining both development and operations is already widely popular and effective. The same approach has come in a new avatar called “DevSecOps”, emphasizing integrating security features within the app.

DevSecOps refers to the development approach focusing on the app infrastructure in which security is considered necessary right from the start. The system also works great for automating several security tasks right from the beginning to finishing an app project.

The most important outcome of this approach is the automation of the security within a so-called DevOps app project. With the DevSecOps approach, developers need to ensure shorter development cycles while incorporating security measures within the development process that doesn’t cause a disturbance with operations.

The security component incorporated into DevOps projects can particularly benefit containers and microservices. As we all know, Containers play a significant role in ensuring scalability and a dynamic way of doing business. The integrated security with DevOps can allow following security guidelines for every container more easily.

Dynamic security is beneficial for cloud platforms and microservices that continue to evolve. DevSecOps, by ensuring integrated security at every app stage and life cycle of the app infrastructure, offers a better value proposition.

Omnichannel chatbots

Last but not least is the impact of Chatbot in unifying the customer service across multiple channels. Yes, a Chatbot based customer support system can offer a more omnichannel experience to the users than ever before. Today, chatbots are already parts and parcels of online and mobile customer support. There are also social media chatbots, and there are chatbots for online promotion, solving issues and helping with the mobile onboarding experience.

What about creating a robust chatbot that represents the brand across all platforms? What about chatbots coming with a distinct identity of a mascot representing the brand? Well, the future of chatbots seems to go in that direction only. Omnichannel chatbots unifying the experience and representing the brand with a singular brand identity will be the trend soon.


These technology trends already seem to resonate with the future of mobile app development and digital solutions. They are not the only future technology trends, but they are much less discussed, so we decided to showcase them.