A large number of visitors are flocking towards your site but still there is no conversion? What does it suggest? Maybe the incoming traffic does not stick to the site for a long time and bounce back.

So, what exactly is bounce back?

Consider bounce rate as your rank in the class. The lower it is, the better it is. But, how can you control it or lower it? Simple! Think about your website design, the look and feel of your web as this is the first thing that comes in between the potential customers and you as a brand.

Google’s latest mobile page speed benchmark report says that “if the page load time goes from one second to seven second, the probability of a mobile site visitor bouncing increases 113 per cent.”

Although there can be many other factors that can affect the bounce rate of a website. Here, we will discuss some of the top web designing and content tips that will help you keep your bounce rate in control and bring genuine traffic to the site.

What is Bounce Rate?

People reaching out to your site but not staying for more than 15 seconds, if yes, then this is exactly what we call as “Bounce Rate”. The reason could be any of these”.

  1. Either your site is attracting the wrong audience or
  2. The visitors did not enjoy a good user experience

Ever wonder, what could be the good bounce rate?

Let’s have a look into it.

  • +80% – very bad
  • Between 70 – 80% – poor
  • Between 50 – 70% – average
  • Between 30 – 50% – excellent
  • 20% or below – tracking error

Now, let’s check out the top tips to keep the bounce rate under control:

Deliver clear and concise content that too in correct flow

Put such content on the website that will compel your site visitors to navigate and explore the site again. Boring, generic and irrelevant content will surely increase the bounce rate and so the worry lines on your forehead.

The content flow must be uninterrupted and must be in a continuous flow with the previous one. This all will maximize the engagement of the visitor with your website and might bring up leads organically for you.

Update your blog with the fresh and right content

Hubspot reports that businesses that update their website blog with fresh and updated content drive potential traffic on their website that sticks to the site.

Remember that the content should be authentic, then only it will yield the best ROI (Return on Input) for you.

Use high-quality images to attract user attention

It is apparent that a combination of content and images always captivates the eyes of the users. At the same time, if you put blurred, irrelevant and dull images along with the content, it creates a negative impact on the site’s performance.

Use high-quality images for the landing pages, parallax backgrounds, or as inline images. Never just copy and paste images from other sites. Customize them and then use them. You can also consider various stock photography images that offer royalty-free images.

Use videos to engage your audience

Videos are powerful and one of the most effective ways of conveying the message to the users instead of the content. But, don’t just forget to add the content. Try a mix of both content and videos in the same.

Use animation, audio, music, colours and narration in your content so that it can grab millions of attention at a glance.

Identify the bouncers

The best way to keep your bounce rate under control is to identify the pain point behind it. Here, you need to look for the bouncers that are increasing the bounce rate for your site.

Google Analytics is one such tool that provides an in-depth analysis of the visitors and uses the information accordingly to identify the bounce rate. Sometimes, bounce rate can be high due to technical issues. It is not always the content that makes the differences.

Also, it will help you identify the target customers and not random visitors. Random site visitors are the one who brings a lot of traffic but still it is of no use.

Try to promote your website in channels and communities as it will help you in profiling, segmenting and targeting the target customers. All, this will eliminate the amount of unusual traffic and help you generate a high percentage of hits from the target audience.

Avoid PopUps

Bounce Rate Increasing? Top Tips To Keep It Under Control

Annoying and irrelevant popups are the one that disrupts the user experience of any site visitor. People hate pop-ups and yes as a site owner you can not just avoid them as pop-ups are the one that will help you quickly grow your email list.

But, in case you want to build a long-term site, it is a wise option to totally avoid the pop-ups so that your user can enjoy a seamless user experience.

Keep your website fully responsive

Bounce Rate Increasing? Top Tips To Keep It Under Control

Responsiveness is one of the major factors that determine the bounce rate on your site. We live in a mobile age where individuals are glued to the very owned rectangular devices that are smartphones or tablets.

Whatever the thing, people just google out the handy smartphones and not the laptops or desktops. Make your site responsive that means it should fit on any mobile device of varying size.

You can get in touch with the top web development companies in India where the web developers will work on the latest technologies and help you build mobile-friendly websites.

Aside from all this, you can check your site responsiveness on this tool by just pasting the site’s URL.

Reduce the load time

Bounce Rate Increasing? Top Tips To Keep It Under Control

Increased loading time is the most annoying thing that every internet surfer feels. They can lie patient for every other thing there is in the world but always want the information at the fingertips.

In case, the loading time is taking a bit longer, they will automatically switch to your competitor’s website. It’s better to reduce the website’s load time by optimizing the images and code for the web.

Get rid of unnecessary heavy scripts, widgets and plugins. Give a flash message with a timer at the homepage of your website so that the visitors stick around the website.


Reduced bounce rate is directly proportional to the increased conversion rate. You need to keep in mind the top UI/UX tips that you must strategize before diving into the world of online business.

You can’t just lie down and relax by just building the website, you need to keep an ideal bounce rate for your site and this is possible only when you prioritise the web designing parameter.

To keep your audience coming back to your site, all you need is a well-designed site and high-quality content. Get in touch with the top website development companies in India and hire website developers who will build awesome websites that will significantly lower down your bounce rate.