Have you not yet launched a video marketing strategy to engage your audience?

If you care about expanding your audience and keeping your current customers, one effective way is to start making videos. Since you can always access the data derived from the activities of your audience, you can notice the differences after uploading your original videos.

No matter what platform you choose, the point is to adopt the video marketing strategies. Because it has strong visual and aural effects at the same time. Therefore, investing in making a video can boost your customer demand and sales significantly.

How is the Video Marketing Strategy Important?

According to statistics, there is some data that you are better off considering if you want to know why you should launch a video marketing strategy. Here are some of the statistical information:

  • Video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year.
  • Video marketers achieve a 54% increase in brand awareness.
  • 93% of marketers say they’ve landed a new customer thanks to a video on social media.

Taking a look at the results makes it quite convincing to add video marketing to the basket.

How to Launch a Successful Video Marketing Strategy?

Now, let’s read some tips for launching a successful video marketing strategy. These tips are useful to learn and apply even if you are a beginner. Let’s first take a look at the infographic of this article and then go into the details:

Beginner Tips for Launching a Successful Video Marketing Strategy

1. Hire a Team

Creating a video needs money. Because you cannot make a professional video without a professional team. It does not mean that you should ask a Hollywood director to film a video for you and spend millions on that. It is enough to grasp the gist of the remark which is to take the video-making process seriously.

Regarding the needs of your audience and customers, you already have a data source for your content. Ask your content team to share the content with the video making team. Given the different stages of the conversion funnel in your business, you may have a great source of content. Therefore, you can have a lot of new videos using these content ideas.

The point here is to make an estimation of the number of videos and then start negotiating a filmmaking team for a reasonable price. Another option is to collaborate with a videographer which is a more budget-friendly way. Videographers both film and edit the filmed videos for about 1.000 dollars per video.

For the location of your videos, you do not have to think of a studio. It is professional enough to set your office as the location. It is again another step that can save you money.

2. Create Good Content

The content for your videos comes from two main sources; the needs of your audience and the widespread trends all around the world. If you take these two sources into consideration, you will never run out of content. Always ask yourself about why your audience is there and how they expect you to help them.

One important point is that, even if you hire the most professional team for video making and you do not have good content, you have wasted all the money. Your content should be informative, fun, to-the-point, and intelligent which makes your audience fall madly in love with your message.

You can start with a video that explains the core of your business. Tell who you are and what you do and how the thing that you do can help them in their lives or responsibilities. You can then create videos based on the data of the journey of your customers-to-be throughout your conversion funnel. Provide information on the videos that address the needs and problems of your audience. In addition, you can create a demo of your product and share it as the announcement of its launch and instruct your customers.

3. Add Varieties

Creating videos for your products that are about to launch may be helpful. However, producing a bunch of videos only about your products would definitely turn out to result reversedly. Make your videos real. Add some life to your digital production. Make your audience understand that you are humans after all and not robots.

Create videos on your success stories, the background of your business, and the idea that caused the establishment of your brand. Add fun to the videos and keep everything humanized and real.

4. Be To-The-Point

We as modern people living in chaotic situations these days, cannot spend a lot of time on a commercial video. Because we are always in a hurry and bored enough to simply skip anything that takes our time.

To avoid the danger, always remember that it is not a movie or documentary. You are making a short video and you have about one minute to nurture the minds of the viewers. As a result, you have to be concise and to-the-point.

5. Never Forget a Call-To-Action

You are making a video because you have a goal. You may want your audience to look at your content, learn how to download something from your website, know how to buy something from your online shop, etc. In these cases, you should leave a call-to-action at the end of your video. It can be a CTA phrase or a CTA button. By asking the viewers, you can get closer to achieving your goals; i.e. sales, etc.

6. Think About Where to Share

You can upload your videos on your website but that should not be the only platform where you give it a chance to be viewed. Incorporate your social media platforms as well. Think of the ones that are well-known for videos and consider social media marketing strategies.

You can consider Youtube for sure, but also Instagram and Facebook as there are a lot of daily users. If you do not have a good engagement rate on any of these platforms, you can start working on them today! For instance, you can first increase your number of followers on Instagram through Instagram followers apps and then practice Instagram marketing tips and strategies.

By exposing your videos to more visitors, viewers, and audience, you grow the opportunity of attracting more leads for your business.

7. Constantly Check Your Analytics

How would you know if your video marketing strategy is doing some parts to lead to profits if you do not check your analytics?

You should always check your website and social media analytics and measure your performance to see if the strategy is working or is just a waste of money, time, and endeavor. You should check various metrics such as number of views, duration of views, repeat views, number of clicks on your CTA, etc.


Any marketing strategy that you adopt requires some time to turn out effective. If you keep up with the tips mentioned above, you can better perform on the way to launch your video marketing strategies. Be patient and good luck!


I am Parichehr Parsi, a born writer, and a freelance copywriter in the fields of travel, fashion, and Instagram marketing. I currently write for AiSchedul and online magazines in Italy and I love reading, writing, and researching. Find me on LinkedIn!