Thanks to recent developments in technology, we can now conduct conversations that are instantaneous, highly customized, and supported by data. As a result, live chat is a popular contact method for many internet businesses with their customers.

Live chat data may tell you a lot about the state of the industry in 2022, from which you can extrapolate useful information on how to best use this channel for marketing and customer service. This is a very popular topic therefore we have compiled the most comprehensive live chat statistics you’ll need to improve your customer support in 2022.

These statistics include the key area where there is a mismatch between what customers want and what businesses can give. Moreover, why customers are requesting live chat help and the expected growth of the live chat support industry. But, most crucially, the advantages it can provide if done properly.

Many different studies and stats show how people trust and prefer live chat instead of other ways of contacting customer support like email or call. They believe this will save their time and keep them going with their other work.

This “Live Chat Statistics infographic” will show you all the stats in one place to understand the importance of live chat for your business.

50+ Impressive Live Chat Statistics & Facts to Know in 2022

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