Creating a strong online presence is what everyone seems to be gushing around. Do you think that there is any better time than now to jump into the eCommerce bandwagon? Of course, not! Right from your favourite branded apparel and accessories to groceries, a popular eCommerce store is all you need! From the business perspective, you get a chance to create as well as connect with more and more customers and of course, make more sales and profits. The online marketplace continues to rule so where are you?

It may quite interest you to know that famous retailers such as Walmart, and Amazon sales have reached almost 95% till now and the numbers are simply increasing. Gone are the days when people used to think that eCommerce websites are advisable for large enterprises or brands only. In today’s times, even small-scale businesses have begun making the most of this lucrative field. And why not since each one of these websites’ core designs are created keeping the end users in mind? The following post offers certain tips and tricks to keep in mind just to make your ecommerce store a great success.


eCommerce website design is one of the core aspects to take into account especially when you are creating a space where you can connect seamlessly with your end users and sell more and more products to your consumers. However, this is only possible if you come up with an appealing, intimidating, robust kind of a website design.

Whether you are developing an eCommerce website or any other website, web designing always works in tandem with web development and therefore it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Now what makes a great eCommerce design? It’s when you tend to use the right colors, fonts, images and graphics that grab the attention of the end users for the long run. On and all, is your website design able to offer a positive user experience? If yes, then that’s it!

It is usually said that never judge a book based on its cover well in the online realm, the book will always be judged by its cover. In other words, your website will always be judged on how appealing your web design turns out to be. Attractive and cool-looking websites always tend to offer an increased amount of sales. So a beautiful design and an eye-appealing code palette can work wonders like never before.

Further below I would like to mention certain crucial factors that must be considered if you want to create an amazing eCommerce website.

Mobile Responsiveness

One of the obvious aspects to take into consideration is whether your developed website is mobile responsive or not. You see smartphones seem to be gaining lots and lots of momentum these days. So not coming up with a mobile responsive website can be quite a foolish step to make. In fact, it has been proven that more than 75% of customers try to turn off the website if it isn’t mobile-friendly. To offer a more positive on-site experience, mobile responsiveness is indeed a must! In other words, your website must be compatible with multiple devices and screen sizes.


Another intimidating factor to take into consideration is great visual appeal. After all, if they don’t find your website appealing, they won’t be clicking the buy button and switching to your competitors. Here perception plays a very important role. So eCommerce store owners are often pressured to come up with high-quality images and that too without hampering the speed of the site. The appeal is what matters the most. You see, unlike physical stores, customers are unable to try the product before buying so the visuals can guide them well. Also, make sure to create photos on white background only.


Another interesting aspect to take into account is the navigation. How easily the customer can travel all across your website. Right from the header navigation menus, product category pages, filters, on-site search, and footers, everything must be in pure sync. What happens when the navigation is not appropriate? Turns out that the sites seem to be quite appealing but the functionality doesn’t seem user-friendly. You see you will have two kinds of customers, one which is simply browsing while others are purchasing and leaving straight away. You must try to lure both the categories. Create a site where customers can find the product easily and it may quite interest you to know that good navigation is loved by Google. So your chances of getting ranked higher on the search engine simply increases.

  • Shopping for different product categories
  • About Us page
  • Best Sellers Page
  • Return Policy
  • Terms and Conditions Page
  • Contact US

After all, it’s about offering a compelling eCommerce user experience. Isn’t it? Now further I would like to shed some light on some of the most crucial tips and tricks to take into account for an attention-grabbing eCommerce website design.

Tips to Consider for Developing an Ideal eCommerce Website Design

1 Keep it Simple

One of the basic tips to take into account is to keep things as simple as you can. You need to understand this, you are willing to run an eCommerce business where you want more and more customers to visit the site and it’s only possible if you try keeping things pretty simple and sober. The more complex you design your website with banners and pop-ups, the more likely you are to compel your audience to leave the website and switch to the competitors. And of course, this can have a great impact on overall sales.

Your eCommerce website is not a Christmas tree which you have to decorate with bells and whistles. In fact, keep it clear, and clean and keep your target on how to increase the sale and nothing else.

2 Branding is Quite Important

Another aspect to take into account is pure branding. Try to incorporate as many brands as you can within your eCommerce store. Known brands can definitely help you out in building trust between you and your end users. Most of the time people think that websites with no brands are complete hoaxes, meant to steal all your confidential information.
So do not ignore the potential of branding. Give it some serious thought, for starters it might seem expensive but who knows you can gain a lot more in regards to sales and revenue but spending a little more.

Also, in addition to this, share your story with your audience. Who are you, what are you and why should your end users choose you instead of your competitors? You see, sharing your business values, story can definitely assist well in building relevant trust and long-lasting relations.

Here’s a small exercise for you.

  • Imagine your brand as a person, now tell me what would it be like?
  • Describe the brand in a couple of words
  • What makes your brand a cut above others?

Once you know the answers, you can get started with the branding.

3 Put yourself in the shoes of your website visitor

Another interesting tip to keep in mind when developing a website is to place yourself in the shoes of your website visitors. See you will be only able to connect well with your audiences when you are able to understand what exactly they need or want. Now you can think of some basic aspects such as creating a site that’s pretty easy to navigate, well-designed and developed, and the shopping process becomes easy and hassle-free.

In addition to this, while you are designing, think of a layout that ensures an appealing look as well as the easiest way to navigate. Also, try organizing all the products in such a way that it becomes for the end users to shop and achieve a smooth checkout. Try to anticipate what exactly your customer is looking for and then design your site to meet those needs.

4 What about the colours?

Well you cannot make any kind of random choices here. I mean if black is your favorite color doesn’t mean you can create an entire website using the color black. So here you need to understand the psychology behind every color and then choose accordingly. You see, different colors tend to incorporate different emotions such as blue seems to be a happy color and is said to increase trust and long-lasting relations; the purchase button can be red. In fact, buttons featuring red color can increase conversions significantly.

So on and all, colors can have a huge impact on your eCommerce design.

5 Image Resolution must be High Quality

Another interesting tip to consider is the image resolution. There is no point in developing websites without images and especially high quality product images. Nobody buys a product without seeing its actual image. Try to take pictures from different angles so that customers exactly know how the product looks from different angles. Unless they aren’t sure, they won’t be making any kind of purchase. So it’s your duty to make them sure about what they want to buy. With low-resolution images, there are fair chances that they end up becoming more hesitant and switching to your competitors for better purchase.

Final Words

And we are almost done here! Developing an appealing eCommerce website has become a must! In addition to all these factors, try to make your website as professional as you can. After all you are promoting your business, your eCommerce store has to be profesh. By professional, I mean no spelling or grammatical mistakes. Everything from the color palette, footer design must be in sync. All links should work seamlessly. When you start taking yourself seriously, then your customers will begin taking you seriously.