With 2021, we have stepped into a new decade where some great eCommerce business opportunities are also knocking at our doors. To make your year better and business more viable, you have to pull your socks up and make the right decisions. Around 90 % of startups fail everywhere due to their wrong business decision, and eCommerce business is no exception.

Well, talking about the eCommerce without the open-source eCommerce platforms is an impossible thing. You can’t think of an e-store without thinking of the best open-source e-commerce platform. It lays a strong foundation for your business and even helps in getting success in your e-business.

This blog will introduce you with the 7 best eCommerce platforms for 2021. So, let’s dig in.

1. Shopify

7 Best Open-Source Platforms for eCommerce in 2021

Shopify is the most popular eCommerce platform and especially in the English-speaking world. It caters to the needs of all industry types. Currently, there are over 500,000 eCommerce stores powered by Shopify, and its store has 2,400+ apps. The most crucial reason for leveraging this platform for your e-store is its flexibility.

It’s an easy and quick way of deploying an e-commerce back-end for businesses. Also, it includes a built-in CMS, multiple themes for your website.

2. Magento

7 Best Open-Source Platforms for eCommerce in 2021

Another top-rated ecommerce platform for small business and enterprises is Magento. It targets professional web development experience people, so it is not as suitable for do-it-yourself website developers as some other platforms. From SMEs to large enterprises, they are using it and entrepreneurs are striving to hire Magento developers from India to develop their web stores.

Magento has an extensive back-end interface plus an in-depth feature list. You can expand and customise it too if you want.

3. WooCommerce

7 Best Open-Source Platforms for eCommerce in 2021

The world’s most popular eCommerce platform WooCommerce is available free. It can be downloaded and run on any web hosting provider. But you can hire woocommerce developers to help you purchase web hosting plus a domain name for availing your website for worldwide users as the platform doesn’t provide hosting.

WooCommerce recommends Bluehost or SiteGround. These are one of the renowned hosting companies in the world.

4. BigCommerce

7 Best Open-Source Platforms for eCommerce in 2021

The next eCommerce open-source platform I have in my bucket-list is BigCommerce, and it provides two things. It includes BigCommerce Essentials (a DIY SaaS platform) and second is BigCommerce Enterprise (a customised experience for larger customers).

The platform walks you through the steps required for setting up your e-store. You can begin by adding your products and only build your website further through the simple process. It keeps you organised. The exact instructions are given there about the information required and links to aid files related to your filling out.

There are around 800 apps in the BigCommerce app store that enables you to add numerous additional capabilities to your store. It entirely depends on your needs.

5. Drupal

7 Best Open-Source Platforms for eCommerce in 2021

Drupal is among the best open-source e-commerce platforms, that’s designed explicitly for large-scale enterprises. It provides websites with the high-functionality plus has a robust security system. The platform always protects its users against any malicious internet activities.

There is a developer community present for the app to provide vital support to its new users. The team is always ready to help the users to excel their performance.

6. Opencart

7 Best Open-Source Platforms for eCommerce in 2021

OpenCart is the most popular open-source eCommerce platform that’s also free. It’s the main benefit because it’s a free eCommerce platform for all the users to use. The software’s interface is straightforward and easy to use. You can choose among various shipping methods, available on the platform.

There are 8+ shipping methods and 20+ payment gateways available here. You can customise your stores easily because it has more than 2500 attractive themes to choose from there. With it, you can develop multiple stores and also have a built-in SEO feature.

Besides, you can also include your social media on the site, and many extensions are available for the people. You will get good support and a vast community to sort out your queries.

7. PrestaShop

7 Best Open-Source Platforms for eCommerce in 2021

Last, I have in my list is a cloud-hosted e-commerce platform, i.e. PrestaShop. Currently, it boasts 300,000+ merchants using this open-source eCommerce platform. It’s based on the Symfony framework.

It has 600+ features, and 5,000+ modules plus themes are available in the marketplace. Being an open-source platform, it provides users and developers with a flexible, secure, scalable, and sustainable solution for their eCommerce projects. Most entrepreneurs are hiring Prestashop development companies in India to sustain their ecommerce projects successfully.

PrestaShop Add-ons is an official marketplace of PrestaShop. Their team has developed these products. While the platform’s core functionality is free, you have to pay for add-ons to make your website functional. You can quickly and securely manage all payment types directly from your back-end interface using PrestaShop Checkout, built with PayPal.

So, What’s Your Take in Choosing The Best Open-Source eCommerce Platform?

By 2023, the eCommerce revenues can reach $6.5 trillion, and it’s high time to pull up your socks tight for your e-commerce business. Selecting the best eCommerce platforms 2021 has become an utmost concern if you want to grow your business.

Based on my understanding, I have compiled this list of 7 Best Open-Source Platforms for E-commerce in 2021. All these are best at their place and potent enough to foster your business growth. There are a lot of opportunities ahead, and the right eCommerce platform can bring profit-yielding results.

Though there are many quality platforms, the above seven are the cream of the crop and worth your attention. Hopefully, this blog has given you a basic understanding of each of these platforms and then hire an eCommerce development company in India. With them, you can make the right choice and develop the best eCommerce website that offers fantastic customer experience.