Product descriptions are a pain to get right. I’ve seen product descriptions that are so good you’ll actually stop in your tracks as if you got a glimpse of the next iPhone.

But how do you get there? How do you write such amazing product descriptions that make potential customers want to buy your products? Well, there’s no single way.

There’s no one-trick pony that will solve all your problems faster than any other trick.

If you’re selling a physical product online, then you might already know that the product description is an important part of your product’s sales page.

The more descriptive and appealing your product description is, the better.

The problem is most sellers don’t have time to write well-written descriptions for their products.

So, how do they create effective descriptions?

If you sell via e-commerce and want to describe your products in the most effective way, there are several things that you can do.

This can help you improve your profits and get people to buy your products.

Below we will talk about the 5 best helping tools and tips to optimize your product description.

5 Tools to Optimize Your Product Descriptions

Writing effective product descriptions has never been easier since it requires a lot of research and time.

However, things have changed today. Now, you can use so many wonderful tools to make the process easier than ever.

Let’s check out five tools to optimize your product descriptions.

1. Rephraser

5 Tools and Tips for Engaging Product Descriptions

Frequent times we want to write an impressive description for one of our products, but we really can’t start due to lack of knowledge.

We look around and find similar descriptions on the web, but understanding them is just like a hard nut to crack.

Many of them are hard to read for a common person.

That’s where the rephraser comes to the rescue. is a paraphrasing tool that takes complicated source text and then paraphrases it into straightforward and easy-to-understand content within seconds.

Now, you can easily understand something that was a complicated piece of text before.

As a result, you can write better product descriptions based on your clear understanding of the context.

2. Jasper AI

5 Tools and Tips for Engaging Product Descriptions

If you do not have time to write an efficient product description, Jasper AI is there to help.

It is one of the leading AI-powered writing assistants available on the internet today.

You just have to tell a brief about your product, and the tool will take care of everything.

You can create hundreds of engaging descriptions ten times faster.

2. Word Counter

5 Tools and Tips for Engaging Product Descriptions

You are not supposed to write a killer product description without taking care of the word count.

As discussed above, an ideal description should not exceed 300 words, or else it will get boring for the reader.

An online word counter can help you keep track of the total word count so that you do not write beyond the specified word limit.

Furthermore, the same tool can help you check your write-up for grammatical errors and typos so that you can ensure flawlessness before making your description live.

The tool also lets you know how many sentences, characters, and pages you have written.

You can also know about the exact word density in percentage.

3. Grammarly


Grammarly has no alternative when it comes to optimizing your product description for better readability.

You just have to enter your write-up and run a thorough check.

Grammarly will deeply analyze your content and find all the potential errors that might dilute the authenticity of your description.

Once identified, you can make instant corrections based on the given suggestions.

There is a built-in plagiarism checker also that can help you ensure the uniqueness of your product descriptions.

This way, you can be sure that the text of your description is hundred percent unique.

5. CopyMonkey

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners trust CopyMonkey to create amazing product descriptions.

Aside from writing human-like content quicker than ever, it also lets you incorporate potentially productive keywords to boost chances of better organic reach.

If you are struggling with your routine and cannot find time to take your writing work to the next level, then relying on CopyMonkey can help.

It can let you auto-generate descriptions for better engagement and sales.

5 Tips to Optimize Your Product Description

Product descriptions are the first thing consumers see, so they should be well-written and SEO-friendly.

Optimizing your product description might be the most important step toward creating a successful e-commerce store.


Because customers cannot make a purchasing decision without knowing a few important things about your product first.

Here are five tips to optimize your product description.

1. Build an Emotional Connection

The product description is the opportunity to sell your product to the customer.

Your product description should be short, sweet, and clear.

It helps you create an emotional connection with your potential customers by appealing to their senses and emotions.

The more relevant and compelling your product description is, the better chance you have of converting a potential customer into a paying customer.

2. Check Your Customer Feedback

Read through your customer reviews carefully and see if there are any complaints made by customers regarding the poor quality or delivery of the product.

This can help you improve your products in the future so that you don’t experience the same issues in future sales.

3. Make it Balanced

Make sure that your product description is not too long and not too short.

It should be around 300 words, and make sure it contains all the relevant information about your products.

Keep in mind that the product description is the most important part of a product.

That’s why it should be precise and clear. It should also have some keywords that are relevant to your niche.

4. Use Appropriate Headings

Make sure that you use subheadings in your product description so that it becomes easier for readers to read through it from top to bottom without feeling confused about what they should be reading next.

If you do this, then expect more sales from your potential customers

This is because people like to know the products that they need before investing their money into something new or expensive.

You can also use numbered lists as well as bullet points in order to make things easier for readers.

5. Use the Right Words

An important thing you need to do is pick the right words for your product description.

You can’t just put anything in there because then you’ll have a hard time convincing people to make a purchase decision.

It’s important that you use words that people will understand and relate to. Otherwise, they won’t be able to tell whether or not they want your product or not.

For example, if you’re selling a book on Amazon and you want people to buy it, don’t just say “book.” Instead, try saying something like “a complete guide for learning how to build engaging websites.”

Additional tips that can help you optimize your product descriptions for better results:

  • Focus on the benefits of your product, not the features.
  • Tell a story about your product that resonates with customers.
  • Make it easy to read and understand for everyone.
  • Use action words to describe what your customers will do with your product (e.g., “Buy Now”).
  • Add some social proof by including testimonials from other customers who have bought or used your product.


Your business depends on high-quality product descriptions if you sell or are willing to sell products online.

However, optimizing your product description is not an easy task.

That’s why we created this guide talking about important tips & tools for you to optimize your product description for better rank and sales.