Experts worldwide expect that in the next ten years, 90-95% of all the shopping will be done online. The reason is simple: we all know the benefits of online shopping. But, the point is that, Are our e-commerce stores ready to handle such a huge market size? Currently, there are around 20 million e-commerce stores available all over the world. So, how will you put your store on the top among this huge market size so you can get more visitors and buyers?

If you are already in digital business or digital marketing, you know the answer: Ecommerce SEO services in India. In this blog, we will tell you some great E-commerce SEO tips that will help you appear on the top of the SERPs, which decide the fate of your business.

Top-Notch and Most Effective Techniques of Ecommerce SEO

1. Original Content Generation

The most important factor that helps the search engine algorithms rank websites is unique and original content. You might think that ecommerce websites offer products and services, so why are we talking about content here? The products and services you offer on the ecommerce website are also offered and marketed by many of your competitors. You can find many competitors publishing generic content.

If you use the same content as theirs or copy it, then Google algorithms will put your website at the bottom of the ranking. Google looks for pure, original, genuine, and quality content. So, do not underestimate the power of good content. If your website appears on the top due to good content, you will get visitors and genuine buyers. Do One Thing Instead of displaying stock descriptions and product and service tags, just try to generate the original content that search engines can recognize so that you get positive reviews on the major search engines.

The most important factor in SEO for ecommerce in 2022 is unique and eye-catching content. Using predefined templates and databases will lower the SERP ranking because the same content will be recognized on other competitor websites. Just change the content to be unique and ensure the content is keyword rich.

2. Implement AMP for Ecommerce:

Another important SEO factor for ecommerce in 2022 is implementing AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) in every part of your website. Let’s investigate and understand why AMP is a big SEO factor for eCommerce in 2022, as you can see that almost everyone owns a mobile phone and can try to access your website from a mobile device. The thing is, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’ll lose a lot of potential customers.

AMP is the technology that powers the near-instantaneous loading you can see. More than 80% of people will leave your website if somehow it takes more than 20 seconds. Here more than 75% of the e-commerce transactions come from mobile phones today.

As you can see, a home page is a good place to start as this is where the most relevant and popular products are displayed. You can implement AMP on product category pages as it contains product images and videos. This will attract a lot more potential users. You can also use AMP on individual product pages. These AMP features will help you create a beautiful and smooth page that displays a product.

3. Optimise Meta Descriptions

Here, meta descriptions don’t decide search engine ranking, but they help increase CTR (click-through rate), which increases traffic. Here’s how you can optimise meta descriptions:


Meta descriptions help many users decide whether the information provided by pages is correct for them or not. Therefore it has to be written from the user’s point of view to start the CTR.


Always use short and meaningful descriptions to capture the user’s reading preference. Remember one thing – just limit the meta description below the 156 character limit for maximum engagement.

4. Link Building

Here’s a common misconception about link building: if an ecommerce marketer somehow misguided the link network, they automatically get maximum traffic to their website. Placing inbound and outbound links everywhere will reduce website credibility and traffic.
Don’t put links on low-rated websites as this lowers the SERP ranking as search engines also penalise websites that advertise their links on the websites that are blacklisted.

Few Other Techniques that you must use

Optimising Product Pages

Product pages are the most important elements of your website. Emphasise the clarity of the product page content and streamline the way you present it. Provide FAQs, customer reviews, images, and videos that provide quality information about your products. Use alt text for your images as it is also a way to get keywords on your site. Make the navigation process between your product pages and the home page easy. Many of your potential customers may not be ready to buy yet. A great user experience ensures they choose you when they are ready to buy.

Use responsive design and slow page loading speed

Almost half of the online shopping today is done on smartphones. This underscores the need to adopt a mobile-first approach to website optimization. Analyse if your website performs well on both mobile and desktop. The dynamic response is the need of the hour. The loading speed of your website is also a crucial ranking factor, so remove unnecessary elements that slow down your page speed. Optimise your visual media by compressing images and videos. Remove unnecessary plug-ins and add-ons that are mostly unused and not contributing to productive results.

Use appropriate and relevant keywords

Be sure to include relevant keywords in your text. Before targeting keywords, thoroughly research and analyze their performance, competitiveness, and user intent. Include such important keywords in your titles and meta descriptions to increase visibility. Keyword stuffing, however, can negatively affect your search engine rankings. Use the most powerful ones and use them in appropriate areas. Your product descriptions and ad copy should include keywords most relevant to your user intent.

Wrapping up

These are the top techniques that will help your business to grow quickly. If you follow these steps and techniques, you will get more visitors and buyers. More sales mean more revenue; this is how you succeed in a business. Ecommerce SEO Techniques help your business not to just get visitors but in too many other ways. It boosts the other marketing strategies you have already used to promote your brand.