Choose a domain name that creates a first impression that’s positive and long-lasting

When choosing a domain for a business it ought to be something that creates the first impression that’s positive and long-lasting, increases brand recognition and helps search engine ranking. It should be a name that catches customers’ attention and inspires trustworthiness. The domain name that you choose for your enterprise defines the brand you are presenting to your customers online.

The image your business presents to the audience determines the success of your business. Undoubtedly, a great impression starts with the domain name, it’s the first thing they’ll see when they find you online after all. Therefore, it is extremely important to be mindful when choosing a winning domain.

The article covers the ideal tips that you should consider when choosing a great and unique domain name for your business to ensure your business thrives and outlives your competitor.

1. Present your Brand

When choosing a domain name, it is fundamental to ensure that the name explains your brand – it should imply about the goods and services you are offering. The domain name itself should solely communicate the message concisely and straightforwardly to both old customers and potential customers.

Prior to launching a winning domain name, use a domain checker to ensure another company does not have a similar registered trademark. To successfully build your business, maintain the authenticity of your brand by using a similar name in all social media.

The Tips to Get a Great & Unique Domain For Your Business

2. Keep Your Domain Name Short

A short domain name is memorable and simple: therefore, it is hard for the customer to misspell or mistype while searching for the website online. A long and complicated domain name puts the customer at the risk of typos. It is advisable to use words that are easy to pronounce and pops to customers’ minds without straining.

3. Targeted Area

Sometimes it is worthwhile to consider using the name of your town or state as part of your domain name if the main goal of your business is to serve local customers. This makes it easy for local customers to search for the company. Also, a state or city name helps in strengthening, promoting, and uniquely building your brand. Before you pick your domain name, it is recommended to invest your time and give thoughtful attention to ensure your name is profoundly appealing in the minds of customers and resonates with your target audience.

4. Unique and Memorable

An ideal domain name should be authentic, unique, and catchy. It should be appealing and grasp the attention of the user. While choosing your domain name, it is vital to avoid a name similar to your competitor. A unique domain name makes your business stand out and easy to recall.

This is the best business strategy that can help you to build your online business. Before launching your business online, it is wise to share your domain name with your friends for a second opinion, and when you launch it, be sure to attach it to your social media platforms, or other channels, so your new website immediately gets traction.

The Tips to Get a Great & Unique Domain For Your Business

5. Choose a Domain Name Extension that Perfectly Fits

Although there are several domain extensions out there – .com, .org, and .net and many others, it is recommended to use .com for your domain name. The .com extension is the most widely known; therefore, it is easy for the customer or new visitors to recall. Research shows that 75 percent of websites prefer to use the .com domain extension for their business websites. Unless you’re going for a ccTLD to target a specific geographic region, .com is definitely what you should be aiming for if you’re launching a for-profit business.

6. Use Keyword in Your Domain Name Search

To make things easier for your potential customers, it is wiser to research a fitting keyword while choosing the ideal domain name; however, it is not mandatory. The keyword can help in SEO ranking improvement and driving more traffic to your website.

To find the right keywords for your website you can employ SEO research tools like Ahrefs and their keyword explorer, or use a free tool like Google Trends.

The Tips to Get a Great & Unique Domain For Your Business

7. Avoid Using Hyphens and Numbers

The simplicity of the domain name makes it easy for the customer to remember. Hyphens and numbers can bring confusion. The customers may find it difficult to search the website since they might forget to misplace the hyphens or number when typing the name of the sites.

A domain name with hyphens and numbers looks unnatural. The best way to avoid typos, errors is to stick with the alphabet’s letter when choosing the domain name. The worst-case scenario that may happen is you losing a potential customer as a result of a complicated domain name that may land them in a different site due to tying error.

Final Thoughts

To make a lasting and great first impression, one shot is enough as long as you know how a domain affects your site. Therefore it essential to take your time when choosing your domain name. If you’re struggling to find the best domain name, feel free to use a domain checker to find a unique name that will help to establish your online business in a usual way and make your business flourish. More tips about choosing a domain name for your business you can read here.