It’s Important to Understand What Brand Identity is

If you are starting a new business, or you feel like the branding you have on your current venture is weak and in need of a rework, then it is important to really understand what a brand identity is and what it has to achieve before you begin work on creating or approving one.

A lot of people have misconceptions about what a brand actually is, thinking that it refers only to the logo of a company, or to perhaps a couple of other superficial elements like the logo and the colour scheme used on the company’s website. In actual fact, there is much more to a brand than just a logo design, and this is something that is important to understand when you’re trying to create a strong brand identity for your venture, no matter what it is.

What is a Brand?

There are lots of definitions of what a brand is, but really, it is the image and idea of a company or other entity (such as a public figure) that is formed in the minds of people who have a relationship with that entity – such as the customers, other people in the same industry, and the target audience who see promotional things about the entity. The logo does play a part in this, as it can often be the most ‘concentrated’ part of your brand message, but what the logo should do is instantly remind the people familiar with it of the brand identity that you have cultivated for your business.

What Kind of Things Go Into a Brand Identity?

Some people starting out have the business and design skills to create their own strong brand identity, but this is usually a very important and specialised part of establishing a brand, and so most companies do get the help of a professional brand identity agency. A good example of a UK based brand identity agency you could consider if you want help with your own branding is Rebus Design. When a company like Rebus Design is working with a client to create their brand, they consider all kinds of elements, from visual things like the design used for packaging, the website, social media accounts, and marketing, through to the language and tone used in all of the company’s materials and communications. Even things like how employees answer the phone or the way the company’s stores or offices are decorated are a big part of the brand identity that is formed around a company.

Getting Started

The first step for creating a good brand identity is to have a clear idea in your mind about how you want your business to be seen. The kinds of words you want associated with your business can drive you to make branding choices that instil these kinds of ideas, for instance, friendly, traditional, innovative, unique, family-oriented, smart, exclusive, affordable, fashionable – these are all words that could apply to different types of brands, and which could be used to help drive branding decisions.

Understanding the importance of a brand and how much can be used to strengthen a brand identity can really help you create your business just the way you want it and form good relationships with your customers.