The choice of colours has an impact on your brand and the brand message

Whether it is logo designing or the selection of colours for UX of a mobile app, the choice of colours has an impact on the brand and the brand message. Given this, it is a difficult job of choosing a colour and using accurately for what it is supposed to be. There are a lot of ways in which make it critical for the design unit of a mobile app development company to select the perfect colour as it speaks loud about the brand, features, products or services, and particularly the message it looks forward to conveying among the users. Some popular brands like IBM and Amazon perfectly integrate their brand message through their use of colour that speaks volumes for their identity. This way, they truly engage their target market and increase their sales.

1. Blue

Blue colour speaks for royalty, tech, individuality, and perfection. IBM integrates this colour to its most advantage. IBM is a global tech giant in computer systems and hardware. IBM is a popular name ad it has been in business for over a century. Its logo uses blue colour and so the complete design of their different apps on google play store and Apple App store.
Since the blue colour is synonymous with professionalism and honour, most people expect the same from a big name like IBM. its stature and repute does complement the colour of the brand. Moreover, the blue colour also signifies success, and so IBM perfectly makes use of it to ensure that the company reflects a positive image.

2. Red

Red is the colour of Power, energy, and aggression. ESPN uses this colour in their brand design to resemble energy and passion. ESPN is a global leader in sport and news, and hence it never disappoints its users in terms of their brand logo, colour, and representation. it connotes both strong design and the message among its audiences. Since red is the colour of energy, warmth, and aggression, so this is what sports talk about, and so ESPN. By using red colour in their logo and image, ESPN perfectly expresses a winning attitude among the viewers.

3. Purple

The purple colour resembles creativity and intuitiveness. Yahoo integrates purple in its logo and thus perfectly define the versatility and unique features of Yahoo. It has been the world’s leading IT company and its search engine and directories used by millions of people out there. It still has its users in the market, and the colour and design of yahoo represent imagination and creativity.

4. Green

Green is, at most, the ambassador of nature. Before it does resemble anything else, the first thought of green is nature. Afterwards, it does speak for serenity, harmony, peace, and joy. If any brand looks forward to representing nature in their product or service, no other colour can better represent them than green.

Animal Planet is all green in its logo and design, and you better understand why. There is a lot of greenery on Animal Planet as animals, forests and lush green fields are displayed in their shows. The brand perfectly uses this colour as their voice and conveys the right message through the use of this colour. is whenever people tune into Animal Planet, they instantly get a vibe of nature, earth, serenity, and animals.

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