It’s an impressive feat to be different and get noticed

We live in a very visual world. With more ideas, graphics, and interactive options available every week, it’s an impressive feat to be different and get noticed. Everyone wants their website to be the best, to accurately portray their aesthetic, and they need you—the web designer—to achieve this for them. In the ever-changing tech job market, that means you need to increase your skill set just as quickly. So let’s take a look at five ways we can achieve efficient, clean results.

Rework Old Designs

This is a classic method from traditional artists. Redesigning an old piece can help you assess your own progress. It can be easy to feel like you’re going nowhere and hit a creative wall, but reworking an old rendering can help you see how far you’ve come, learn how to boost older concepts and techniques that you’ve mastered, and refine your personal style. Most times, when people are looking for a designer, they’re looking for someone who matches the essence of what they want their viewers to feel when they browse the website.

By refining your style, you are creating your own genre of creativity, which has a higher chance of catching the searching eye than a normal piece of work. Also, by reworking your own designs, you know you aren’t trying to copy someone else’s work, and you can better evaluate what type of pieces you’re drawn to create. All this means you are more likely to find the clients that you want to work with and you will have more confidence in your creations.

Finding the Right Feedback

It’s often said that failure is the best teacher. While it’s not really possible to fail with art, it is possible to learn from someone better than you. A very quick and effective way to learn better design skills is to have a better designer pick apart your work. It may be daunting to request someone you admire to tell you what to do better, but their critique comes from years of experience and even making mistakes that you haven’t made yet. By gaining their input, you will be able to learn from some mistakes without making them yourself. This will help cut out some of the time you’d spend trying to figure out what you want your piece to look like, and you might even learn some industry secrets along the way.

Try a New Medium

Using the same tools, the same concepts, and the same mediums will cause you to continuously produce the same results. While consistency is important, your goal is to be different, and you want all your designs to be unique on their own while they still fit into your style. That’s where using different mediums will level up your skills. If you’re used to creating with a pencil, try switching to water colour or pastels, then replicate the results on your design platform. This will help you learn your software better and discover new techniques to add to your creations. The best website design can come from surprising places.

Learn Your Software

You may have outstanding artistic talent, but if you can’t translate it into the digital market, it won’t take you very far. Knowing your software is crucial because using it properly can not only make your work accessible around the world, but it can really bring your creation to life. You can enhance pieces more efficiently, and adjust your designs without risking over-correction. Taking the time to really understand your program will pay you back tenfold. Watching tutorials, reading books that stretch your skill sets, or even attending a web design bootcamp will all push your designs to the next level. Taking the time to learn your program thoroughly now, will mean your work is always the best you can do.

Challenge Yourself

Challenge yourself by challenging others. Just like how tests in school are designed to prove and expand your knowledge, design challenges are a great way to sharpen your skill set. You can participate in a number of challenges across the web and you may even win some money or other perks for it. By joining a challenge, you get the opportunity to see the work of other artists at your skill level, see what designs are winning in which markets, and come up with new, inventive ideas for your personal portfolio.

To Conclude

The digital market is filled with thousands of different demands, personalities, and opportunities. You are going to find your audience so long as you keep playing, keep learning, and keep challenging yourself. Your personal style and sturdy skill set are exactly what someone’s looking for—it’s all about getting out there and making your mark on the digital world.