In today’s era, Business automation is transforming the way business operates. Automation is the key to growing fast in the business world. A business manager can automate tedious tasks and scale your business thanks to technological advancement.

Nowadays, many business apps can help be all-in-one apps for different tasks and automate various business activities. The app makes it easy to manage the business from anywhere, anytime.

According to Zapier’s report, 9 out of 10 employees said that business automation helps them to improve their lives and workplace.

Let’s look at 7 different apps for managing various aspects of the business. This article covers CRM automation app, Marketing automation apps, Employee monitoring automation app, Accounting automation app, customer service automation app, and project management app.

1. Hubspot CRM App

Hubspot is one of the best CRM apps for business automation. There are plenty of benefits of using the CRM app. With the help of this app, the sales team can organise customers’ accounts with the details. The app is designed to manage customers’ details, preferences, and more.

This customers data will help you track and nurture leads and customers. You can contact them automatically as well as manually. The app also helps in content management, sales management, social media campaigns, and many more things. Using this app will be efficient and increase contacts and leads.

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2. Mailchimp – Email Marketing Automation app

Mailchimp is much more than an email marketing automation app, combining advanced CRM features in the app. The app is not providing a unique solution, but the app helps to optimise email campaigns for businesses of all sizes.

One of the best things about Mailchimp is easy to use. You can easily create and manage email campaigns without having any technical knowledge.

Aside from providing the best email automation and CRM features, the app offers free plans and affordable paid plans that make it one of the best email marketing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.

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3. Hootsuite – Helps Social Media Automation App

In today’s time, Social media is one of the best ways to market your business. But you need solid social media strategies and invest time and effort to succeed. In addition, you need to post consistently and on peak timing when your audience is more active to enhance engagement. That’s where apps like Hootsuite come into the role.

Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts in advance on all the social media platforms from one place and with a few clicks. The app also offers post previews that are more useful than it sounds. You can also track the performance of the posts with analysis features.

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4. factoTime – attendance and employee management automation app

Managing employees are a critical task for all employers. factoTime is a time clock, an attendance management app with basic payroll features that helps in employee monitoring automation. With the factoTime app, employees can mark attendance punches from their mobile phones with their selfies and location. In addition, the employees can apply for the leaves, check their salary details, etc.

The same app can be helpful for employers to track the employee’s attendance and working hours, Calculate salary, and access the employee’s data from anywhere, anytime. The app provides customised reports of employees’ data the employers. The app is offing core features for free and charges for advanced features.

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5. Xero – Accounting Automation App

Accounting is one of the important components of every business. An entrepreneur needs good accounting tools to manage accounting and finances effectively.

Xero is a cloud-based accounting automation app designed for small businesses. The app connects accountants, bookkeepers, and banks to track the business’s finance and make it accessible for entrepreneurs.

Additionally, The app is AI-powered which helps with forecasting. The app also offers Multi-currency functions, Integration with 800+ other apps and tools, data security, and customer support with affordable paid plans.

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6. Zendesk Customer support

Great customer support is the best business strategy ever. In today’s competitive world, you need a customer-centric approach to stay top in your customer’s minds. But the good news is that the Zendest app can help you keep in touch with your customers and provide a solution at any time and anywhere.

Zendask helps you to provide shameless customer service to your customers using email and messenger notifications, adding tags to tickets, enhanced reporting, and automating some workflow through macros. Additionally, The app is easily integrated with your website as well.

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7. Trello – Project management app

Trello is one of the best project management apps for small businesses. The app helps to manage projects and teams effectively and efficiently. The app provides boards, lists, and cards to structure workflow and organise the tasks. In addition, the app offers to manage card features that help to note thoughts, conversations, and to-do lists.

With the help of this app, you can easily monitor projects with collaboration features and visual boards. The key feature of the app is a highly customised and user-friendly experience. In addition, the app offers free and paid plans to the users.

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No matter what is the size of your business or what your industry is, these apps can help you to automate business activities. This app can help you to automate different business tasks, which will save time and effort. This app can cover all the business automation requirements.

These apps help to cover day-to-day activities easily so the business manager can do many important tasks and save time from things that can be automated easily. Most of these apps offer a free trial to new users. You can try this out. This app surely helps to automate business processes and manage the business easily and effectively.