Many companies have transitioned into the digital world to thrive in this technologically-dominant environment. These include those in the logistics industry, bringing about an era of flexibility and transparency in the sector. If you’re planning to make the switch, you should also master the art of creating a logistics website with the right features to attract clientele. Here’s how:

Keep Mobile Functionality in Mind

When building a logistics company website, one of your main priorities should be user accessibility and convenience. You should allow potential clients to view your page in their offices and on the go. This means that mobile convenience is crucial if you’re eager to create a site possessing the right features.

Ensure that your page is programmed to look good on both large-screen and small-screen devices. Your clients should access it without problem, whether lounging in the office or taking a quick break at a nearby café. You could easily do this by hiring java developers well-versed in mobile optimization. Of course, it’s a given to keep the website fast and responsive on different gadgets as well.

Include an Efficient Online Ordering Dashboard

An excellent logistic company website bound for success has an efficient online ordering dashboard. It’s a feature that will turn potential customers into loyal clients in no time. Consider this as your first line in attracting and sealing a deal with merchants looking for an efficient courier company.

Include a section where shipment booking is possible for all devices – be it mobile or PC. A billing management dashboard is also a great feature since admins will automatically be provided with all order details. For advice, try to avoid using the hamburger menu when creating your dashboard. It’s not user-friendly, especially if your website visitors are not too tech-savvy.

Insert a Contact Us and About Us Section

Building a logistic company website with all the right features can bring about opportunities for business development. True, you’ve thought hard and well about including efficient order tracking and live support on your webpage. You’ve even gone the extra mile to make your menu attractive and friendly to all platforms.

However, these are useless if you’ve missed out on including a segment wherein you introduce your company’s vision and mission. Share your roots with potential customers and narrate how you started from scratch. This will spark their interest, and they will greatly consider doing business with you. Of course, a Contact Us subpart is also needed to get those partnership emails and offers straight into your inbox.

Don’t Forget Real-Time Order Tracking

One of the most useful technological advancements for freight senders and receivers alike is real-time order tracking. Incorporating this feature into your website means that you won’t have a hard time responding to customer emails asking for their shipment status. They’d simply have to enter their order ID into the field and get firsthand updates on their parcels.

Aside from convenience, adding an order tracking section will also minimize the risk of delays and mistakes. You can identify and solve shipping issues since you have a clear idea of the parcel’s position in real-time. In addition, by giving your customers access to their order status, they’d have a clear expectation of when their shipment will arrive. This, in turn, will also reduce buyer remorse and alleviate delivery anxiety.

Show the List of Services You Offer

Many web pages would neglect to show the complete list of services they provide and focus on branding instead. However, if you’re eager to create an excellent logistics company website with all the right features, you should showcase all you can offer. This is because your aim is to attract a wide variety of clients not limited to a particular industry.

As a third-party fulfilment provider, not only do you ship and house parcels for customers. You also offer order processing and services like packing and picking products for different merchants. Adding a Services page on your website will help you bag in more partners by showing them what you market from the get-go.

Enable Customers to Pay on Your Website

The main reason you’re creating a logistics company website is to bag the loyalty of multiple clients. This can be done by prioritizing efficiency and customer convenience above all. Remember: quick but secure transactions are a sure-fire way to get repeat merchants willing to avail of your freight services.

As such, you should never neglect to put a secure payment gateway in your website’s list of features. Booking shipments online and making direct payments on your page ensures that your logistic company will thrive. As a bonus, you can even set up multiple payment options to suit the needs of your market base.

Live Support Chat is Crucial

If you’re a frequent visitor of high-end websites, you’re most likely familiar with pop-up windows showing customer assistance. It’s an element you shouldn’t miss including in the features collection of your logistics page. Specifically, create your webpage with a clear plan of incorporating a live support chat section.

Not only does it improve customer support efforts, but it also saves you time and money in the long run. Your support staff can cater to multiple queries at once via chat compared to other communication platforms. It’s also an effective way to generate and store customer data for service improvements.

In Conclusion

Creating a logistics company website will require you to include the right set of features to attract a large customer base. This can be done by easily focusing on improving client experience and convenience. You can focus by adding crucial elements to your web page, like secured payment methods, real-time order tracking, and live support chat.