The competition is tight in many industries, so businesses of every type must get strategic with their brand creation. Brands must become more intentional in how they develop their identities and how they distribute information to stand out from the rest.

Fortunately, there are plenty of techniques you can use to create a brand that’s memorable and builds brand recognition — these range from basic marketing principles to more involved strategies.

Without further ado, let’s review 10 brand creation techniques that will help your brand become more recognisable in the market.

1. Understand your audience

To create an impactful and memorable brand that fosters recognition, you must begin by comprehending your target audience. Understanding their demographics, preferences, and needs is a crucial starting point.

Once armed with this knowledge, you can tailor your brand messaging and additional elements, such as graphic design, to engage and capture their attention effectively.

A case in point is MOS, a money app designed specifically for students. They recognised that their primary audience consists of college students. With this information in their back pocket, they honed their communication efforts on this demographic.

How? By addressing topics relevant to college students, ranging from tips on how to pay for college to highlighting the best university dorms.

By aligning its graphics and using social media frequented by college students, MOS makes sure its brand is recognisable and builds loyalty among its intended audience.

Creating a Memorable Brand: 10 Brand Techniques for Building Recognition

2. Develop a strong visual identity

A key part of building a memorable brand is your visual identity. But what does that entail? Think of logos, branded icons, colour palettes, fonts, and other visual aspects. By creating a visual identity that’s eye-catching and cohesive, you can develop a brand that’s easily identifiable and memorable.

Part of developing a strong brand identity is making sure that your visuals are crisp and aesthetically pleasing. And that’s where vector graphics come into play.

Vector graphics are digital images created from different geometric shapes. And they play a crucial role in making your brand stand out. They’re perfect for creating brand logos, icons, or other visual elements you want to use across various platforms.

You can think of vector graphics as among the digital versions of Lego blocks. Just as you can arrange Lego blocks into endless shapes and structures, you can combine and manipulate vector graphics to form unique designs.

And the best part? They never appear blurry or pixelated. You’ll have the best marketing materials around.

3. Leverage content marketing

Content marketing is everywhere in the age of the internet. If you’re unfamiliar, content marketing is an organic marketing method that involves creating content that provides value to your audience.

People turn to Google and other search engines to find answers to their everyday problems. As a brand, your content marketing strategy gives you the opportunity to give them answers and solve a pain point.

Content marketing tends to take the form of blogs, email marketing campaigns, social media, etc. By creating unique content that’s valuable to your audience, you can create a brand that’s memorable and recognisable.

One way to streamline your content marketing process is to use an AI blog writer to help generate relevant content. This technology helps with writing blog posts and other pieces of content to help you save time and money.

Some AI blog writing technology allows you to add your brand’s own logo, product photos, and internal links to other blog pages to successfully develop the content into branded assets.

4. Build an online community

One way to make your brand memorable and recognisable is to build a tight-knit online community. How? You can try anything across ‌social media platforms, ranging from Facebook groups to a Discord server.

An online community is a great way to spread the word about your brand. Having a sense of community allows your customers to feel like they are part of something bigger, which taps into a basic human desire.

Plus, having an online community provides an easy way to deploy campaigns to a warm audience. If you have a sea of loyal followers, you should have more success when launching new products or promoting existing ones.

5. Leverage influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has become a buzzing topic in the digital marketing world over the past decade. This brand creation technique taps into the influence of public figures to promote their products to relevant audiences.

Since influencer marketing allows you to tap into existing online communities, it provides a way for you to grow a community of your own. It exposes your brand to new people and aligns it with public figures that those people already know and love.

One brand that’s doing a great job at leveraging influencer marketing is LeatherCult. They have a special section of their site that features celebrity jackets. This part of the site showcases a variety of celebrities wearing looks that have inspired LeatherCult’s collections.

Creating a Memorable Brand: 10 Brand Techniques for Building Recognition

By aligning themselves with household names like Elon Musk and Chris Hemsworth, LeatherCult can stand out among the thousands of brands that produce leather clothing.

6. Collect social proof

Social proof is key to building rapport and showcasing your legitimacy within your industry. Leveraging influencer marketing, as we mentioned above, is one form of social proof that can build trust among your audience. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Some other ways to gain social proof are through reviews, case studies, and testimonials. Proudly display these on your website, social media, review sites, and more. These assets will show potential customers how other customers have found success with your business in the past.

7. Lead with empathy

Empathy is a key marketing and branding technique that often flies under the radar. Embodying this characteristic in your brand creation and marketing efforts will help your audience see you as a trusted vendor.

A supportive attitude plays a crucial role in making a brand memorable and building a strong connection with customers. Brands that demonstrate genuine support and empathy and can build an emotional connection create a lasting impact on their audience.

Hers, for example, is a brand that’s focused on women’s health. It takes a supportive approach through its blog articles on topics like how to get antidepressants and other mental health tips.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Hers also creates supportive social media posts, making them a truly memorable brand.

By providing valuable and informative content on important topics related to mental health, Hers establishes itself as a trusted resource and demonstrates a genuine commitment to supporting its audience. Their blog articles not only offer guidance but also validate the experiences of individuals facing mental health challenges.

This empathetic approach helps to break down barriers, reduce stigma, and create a safe space where people feel understood and empowered.

8. Offer competitive perks

Part of creating a memorable brand is offering competitive perks for your loyal customers. Throwing in perks, like free shipping or complimentary gifts with purchases over a certain amount, will show your customers that you appreciate their business. It’ll make them eager to purchase from you again.

For example, including same-day delivery as part of a branding strategy can be a winning element in driving brand recognition and loyalty. Today, offering this type of comfort and service to customers demonstrates a tangible commitment to their satisfaction and convenience.

Creating a Memorable Brand: 10 Brand Techniques for Building Recognition

Think of how Amazon has revolutionised the online shopping experience. Prime members can get things as soon as the same day, and this alone has made Amazon stand out as a brand. Other brands can achieve this same effect by offering equivalent, greater, or unique perks.

9. Conduct a competitive analysis

Understanding what works for others in building solid branding is crucial for businesses aiming to create a memorable brand to drive recognition and loyalty. One effective way to gain valuable insights is through competitor analysis.

By studying competitors’ tactics, messaging, and branding, you can determine which elements have been successful and apply them to your own branding. Thankfully, this process isn’t as tedious as it sounds with the help of competitive analysis tools.

Instead of scoring the internet for the mission statements of your biggest competitors, you can access comprehensive data and metrics within seconds. Sounds idyllic, right? These tools empower all types of businesses to learn from their competitors’ successes and strategically apply them to get one step ahead.

10. Tap into data and analytics

One of the biggest perks in today’s digital landscape is that marketers have access to so much information about their audiences. Everything from demographics to contact information is accessible with just a little digging.

Many marketing tools include or integrate with analytics dashboards. These dashboards allow you to assess the success of your campaigns.

For example, Google Analytics is a great tool that can integrate into many platforms to assess website viewership. Google Search Console assesses the organic traffic to a website. These two examples are completely free, yet they share powerful information about your audience.

Creating a Memorable Brand: 10 Brand Techniques for Building Recognition

When you better understand your audience, you can focus your marketing strategy on meeting their needs.

Final thoughts

Creating a memorable brand is a very important part of building a prosperous business. Effective brand creation breathes life into your company to make it relevant and relatable to your audience.

From content marketing to adding special perks with purchases, there are truly so many techniques you can use to improve your brand to make it more memorable.

How will you improve your brand creation to help your business stand out?

About the author Guillaume Deschamps

Guillaume is a digital marketer focused on handling the outreach strategy at uSERP and content management at Wordable. Outside of work, he enjoys his expat life in sunny Mexico, reading books, wandering around and catching the latest shows on TV.