The love for mobile and mobile applications is growing day by day

In the era of increasing technology, the love for mobile and mobile applications is growing day by day. Mobile apps really help eCommerce as we see, from shopping dresses to buying medicines, we have a mobile application for everything. Having a request for your business is assisting in boosting eCommerce to a great extent.

Ideally, to fulfil the needs of customers, businesses have to compete with each other and need to think in different ways for customers’ satisfaction. With the commencement of 4G in India, eCommerce apps also gained momentum. We also have seen that mobile applications (android apps and iPhone apps) are proving to be an efficient, hassle-free, and cost-efficient tool for businesses of every sector.

Do Mobile Apps Really Help eCommerce?

What are eCommerce Apps?

Trading, be it monetary or barter, has been prevalent for centuries. Businesses have seen so many phases ever since the Renaissance period. We should also know the age of the internet as a revolutionary period for businesses. eCommerce development companies provide us with an electronic trading platform where buyers buy and sellers sell. We can also see it as a compact market which we carry everywhere on our mobile phones.

According to app analytics platform Apptopia, more than 21,000 eCommerce apps globally were added to Apple’s App Store for iOS devices in 2018, with an additional 5,104 new eCommerce apps in the first quarter of 2019. Google Play, the store for Android-powered devices, added nearly 50,000 eCommerce apps in 2018 and 12,373 in the first quarter of 2019.

How eCommerce Apps Help Businesses?

Do Mobile Apps Really Help eCommerce?

Having an app for your business helps it in the following ways:

Brand recognition

When it comes to online shopping for clothes, our first choice is Myntra. But did you know Myntra was founded back in February 2007? The company gained recognition after the creation of an app.

Similarly, many businesses got recognition once they hire developers to create a mobile application for them. Around 150.6 million mobile users accessed the Amazon app worldwide in September 2019 (Statista, 2019). Now, we all know that Amazon is the second-largest shopping app after Flipkart.

Customer Loyalty

Giving great offers to your customers or providing them with excellent quality services create a sense of loyalty in the mind of the customer. It’s just like a real-world seller-buyer relation. Once we start liking the services of a shop, we want to visit that place again and again. Similarly, when people begin to love the services of an eCommerce app, the app succeeds in gaining customer loyalty.

Customer Engagement

Customer engagement means how involved a customer is in using your application. For instance, we see that while we search for one product, there are similar products or suggestions at the bottom of the screen. Customers tend to buy products from these suggestions too.


Connectivity, when it comes to eCommerce, is we can buy stuff from anywhere around the world while sitting in our house. It has brought a great feel of connectivity among the seller and buyers across the globe. Increased connectivity is helping in enhancing the quality of products we use as a product and also helping in building better relations.

Direct Advertisement

The most significant advantage of having an app for your business is the direct marketing of your products. The business will not require to invest much in the advertisement for every product. Customer loyalty will help them in the direct advertisement of the products they sell.

Secured and faster payment

eCommerce apps have gained customers’ trust in terms of security of payments. We also feel that online payments are quicker, and this is the reason why eCommerce apps are needed for the business.

Sharing of products on social platforms:

Almost every eCommerce app gives this option of sharing a product’s link on the social platform. This again helps in advertising the products for free making it popular among the target customers.

Review and ratings

Another great advantage of eCommerce apps is that it helps buyers to choose products as per the review and ratings. Reviews also add SEO value to your app, helping reach the top. The only thing with reviews and ratings is that it must be genuine. Nearly 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase (Spiegel Research Center, 2017)

Wish lists

Do Mobile Apps Really Help eCommerce?

Wishlist is a benefit to user experience for shopping, but it also helps with strategic value in Ecommerce. Wishlist allows saving products so that the customer can buy it later if they are not able to buy it immediately. It helps in reminding you about the product that you have added to your wishlist. eCommerce companies easily find the trends and optimise the strategy for sale. eCommerce platforms will be able to get user data easily, which can be used for better marketing strategies.

Some Top Inspirations

Let’s have a look at how many eCommerce websites reached the top after they introduced their mobile apps.


Do Mobile Apps Really Help eCommerce?

One fantastic fact about Amazon is that it was founded back in the year 1994 on July 5th. But since how long do we know it? Maybe around 4-5 years. Amazon now has around 197 million monthly visitors (KnowBand). Though Amazon now deals with many things the first eCommerce thing it introduced was an online book store back in 1995. Amazing Amazon!


Nykaa, an Indian eCommerce app, provides us a variety of Indian and international cosmetics. In just a few years, it gained momentum among customers due to its high discounts and offers on branded cosmetics. Nykaa gets 40 million monthly user visits from about 15 million unique visitors (


Pepperfry, an Indian online home and lifestyle store, offers us a wide variety of furniture and home decor products to choose from. It is the leading platform among customers for buying furniture online.

The mobile application of Pepperfry is inspired by the Augmented Reality(AR) feature, making it easy for us to choose the right product. As with the help of this feature, shoppers can arrange life-size virtual products in their own space, visualise furniture and decor in the real home with just their mobile devices. This enables customers’ satisfaction up to a great extent.


Groupon, an American online marketplace, connects subscribers worldwide with local merchants. It offers resources related to travel, goods, and services. The popularity of Groupon in the USA makes it one of the most used apps there. As published on Statista, by the fourth quarter of 2019, the daily deal site Groupon had 43.6 million unique customers.

Final words

If you want your business to grow, then you must use an app for your business. And if you wish to get listed in the top 10 eCommerce apps, then start working on it from today to enhance your eCommerce mobile app. Start implementing the latest trends and technologies which provide the best features to your customers, and soon your business will be getting the desired results.

If you want, you can hire mobile app developers for getting an app built for your business because having a great app will help your business grow in the above-mentioned ways. It will also help you gain customers. So cheer up!