WordPress websites are a boon for the ones who don’t know the basics of coding. It enables the needful to create a fantastic user experience for their customers. They provide nearly 300 free and premium themes. You can also customise it according to your needs.

It does also provide the necessary stuff for promoting your content or business, or in other words, it’s totally SEO friendly! Well, this blog is an attempt for the beginners or WordPress lovers to give an idea about the anatomy of a great website developed in the WordPress platform.

Anatomy of a Great Business WordPress Website

Basically, a WordPress template consists of specific template files for every single element for homepages and other inner pages.

For instance, there is an index file for managing the homepage, template files for the posts on your website, and so on for pages like “About Us,” “Contact” pages, header, footers, archives, sidebars, etc.

Next, we will see what are the standard WordPress features that every website does possess despite the minor differences.

1. Header

The Anatomy of a Great Business WordPress Website

The header is the first thing that creates an impression among the visitors of your website. It includes the name of your website, business, or only an image or logo! The header also consists of a navigation menu that links the inner pages of your website, namely, About Us, Blog, Portfolio, Products, and Services, etc.

2. Hero Image

The Anatomy of a Great Business WordPress Website

Hero Image is the primary image that captures the attention of the visitors who lands on your website. It could be either a single photo, a slider, or an animation. Hero Image should give an overall idea about what your business really does, and in short, they should induce the visitors to visit the inner pages or gather more details about your business!

3. The Footer

The Anatomy of a Great Business WordPress Website

The footer is the portion that comes at the bottom of your WordPress website. They provide access to details like your social media channels, copyright information, your site’s privacy policy, terms of use, images, and also links to the featured pages of your website.

4. Sidebars

The Anatomy of a Great Business WordPress Website

Sidebars are located either on the left side or the right side of the page in a standard WordPress theme. They usually consist of complementary information, which is not very much crucial for the visitors. Hence it is not highlighted in the main header or navigation menu. Particular examples include recent and most popular articles, site categories, and widgets.

5. Widgets

The Anatomy of a Great Business WordPress Website

Widgets are the best examples of portable HTML codes. One can add widgets to your business WordPress websites for better functionality and features. Best examples for widgets include the ones for Recent Posts, Calendars, Social Icons, Contact Forms, and many more. Widgets enable the owner of the websites to customize the theme according to their needs and requirements.

Summing Up

The most exciting part of WordPress websites is that it gives you the basic skeleton for your website, and it doesn’t matter if you know to code or not! Website development from scratch is not so easy.

In WordPress, the only thing you have to do is pick an apt theme for your particular business. Next, add relevant information to the website. And, guess what, for the people who have specific knowledge in HTML and CSS can even customize it according to their wishes.

Go for WordPress – the best Document Management System platform and feel the real power of the web!