There are literally thousands of fonts around and now with the modern standard in CSS with the facility to import fonts web designers are not restricted to the standard few fonts they once were. But this has just made our job harder, more choice means more pressure to select fonts that are right for the overall website style and have the desired impact.

Thankfully help is at hand with a myriad of websites and tools for ideas and inspiration some of which we have detailed below.

Our Own Thing Font Paring Tool

If you’re looking to be more pro active in choosing your fonts this simple font paring tool allows you to select your own fonts to see live how they will work together.

The Ultimate Collection of Google Font Pairings by Reliable PSD

50 stunning examples presented in a classic art format.


This website has many examples which can be filtered by font type.


40 Google font parings that will enhance your website or artwork.

Garett Creative

21 Google font combination ideas that look amazing.