A Powerful Tool For Increasing Sales & Leads

Google Ads is a powerful tool when it comes to increasing engagement and sales for your business. Google Ads gives you the tools to reach both new and already interested customers through ads through curated ads that appeal to your target audience. Does more relevant traffic on your website sound good to you? I have created the guide to walk you through the entire process of google ad creation – your new campaigns are only a few clicks away!

Step 1: Set Goals

Once you have arrived at the Google Ads platform you will be directed to select your main advertising goal. I would recommend the second option of “get more sales or sign-ups”, but you are free to choose whichever you feel best fits your business. You will then be prompted to answer some basic information about your business.

The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads

Step 2: Design

It’s time to start thinking about what makes your business tick. What product or service are you trying to sell and what makes your business unique? Once you have established how you want to position yourself to potential customers you can either input your own copy or utilise Google’s campaign system that will pull copy directly from your website to create potential ads for you! To use these suggestions simply select from the provided drop down menu!

Step 3: Keywords

Keywords are essential to any good advertising campaign. Your keywords describe the intricacies of your product and the places in which it serves. Think about the problem your product solves and how it solves it. Once you have some keywords in mind start to input into the system. Google Ads will also already offer you a variety of options based on their analysis of their website. Feel free to select from their options, input your own, or a little of both!

The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads

Step 4: Location

You will now input what locations you want your ads to be made available. Feel free to be as specific as possible as Google Ads has created technology to allow you to select individual zip codes and cities.

Step 5: Budget

Now, you will be prompted to select your daily ad spend budget. Be sure to select a budget that best fits the needs of you and your business but I would recommend starting with at least 8 euros in order to get the best results.

The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads

Step 6: Review

It’s time to make sure you have double, even triple, checked all of your work. Make sure you read through the entirety of your ad campaign to ensure it is exactly how you want it to be seen and how you want the copy to flow and make adjustments as necessary. Thorough review is essential for the success of your campaigns.

Step 7: Submission

To wrap things up just simply input all your payment and billing information and press submit – your google Ad campaign is finally complete!

Step 8: Campaign Upkeep

Congratulations – you have now successfully created your very own Google Ad Campaign! While this the start of your new ad campaign is very exciting, it is important that your ads continue to run smoothly. I would recommend investing in a third part Google Ad partner that is knowledgeable in Keyword Bidding in order to keep maintenance of your ads and ensure that traffic is continuously driven to your business.

Hope Ruot

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