Social media marketing is going to get even more difficult

In 2020 social media marketing is going to get even more difficult for business. The supply of content already far exceeds the demand and businesses’ paid reach is falling dramatically. Plus all the social media platforms out there want to make you pay to play but have some hope, organic social media isn’t dead yet.

Marketers, business owners and IOS app development companies need to get a bit inventive and be different to stand out from the rest. This blog is meant to enlighten the reader with some nifty tips and tricks that will really help your business own social media this year.

Getting Engagement Early On

It is commonly observed that the first half an hour of any post going live is going to make or break it. And in this modern age of social media this tip is arguably going to have the biggest impact on your social postings.

The social algorithms for every platform love this. The algorithm on platforms like Instagram work in three stages.

  • Stage 1: As soon as you post something, the algorithm is going to show that new post to a small sample of your audience and then monitor how fast that post gets engagement.
  • Stage 2: At this stage Instagram is going to compare the level of engagement your new post is receiving through a post made that similar time of the day previously.
  • Stage 3: If your post is attracting a lot of engagement, Instagram is going to start showing it to a larger proportion of your audience and may even showcase it on the explorer page so that it goes super viral. So, this can be the big win. If the post continues to attract strong engagement it is going to stay on top of more people’s feed, increasing reach and a chance of extra engagement for the post.

And the story is the same for every social media platform. So the key here is to drive for engagement early on, this is going to help both your brand’s reach and the longevity of the post. In this fast paced internet life if marketers do not keep this factor into consideration, then you should expect to be drowned out by the other 3 billion social accounts that are going to be posting content.

Avoid Outbound Links

When playing the social media game one would want to be getting their posts ranked really early on. So, a really big tip is where ever possible, avoid outbound links at all cost.

Every social media platform wants you to stay on that platform, basically it means that they can serve you with more ad impressions and ultimately make more money. To make you understand this, let’s take the example of LinkedIn.

The great thing with LinkedIn is that it allows you to do two things. One, it allows one to edit a previously published post. Two, it allows one to copy links to a specific comment.

So, what does this mean? It means one can avoid outbound links in the main body of the post by publishing and then placing the link in the first comment. After that one just needs to copy the comment link and place that inside the body of the post.

By using this technique your post reach gets an increment by 100-200%. Similarly there are several other hacks on other social media platforms that can increase the reach of any post.

Use the Subject Line Trick

This is a handy little marketing automation hack that can really help improve the performance of your email campaigns. Simply put one can resent an email a few days later to all the audience that didn’t open it with a brand new subject line.

By using this trick marketers have witnessed open rates increase by 25%. But, hold up, what is this got to do with social media marketing?

Well, this hack is essentially a social distribution hack. It is a way to significantly improve the reach and the longevity of your owned content. Owned content being any web property that you can control and is unique to your business.

Today there is over 1.5 billion pieces of content that flows through the internet daily. Keeping this into consideration one needs to place a lot of effort to get really noticed. You have put loads of time and effort into making an amazing blog post or a compelling landing page for your business. So, it is obvious that you need to make sure as much as your audience sees it.

But sharing identical content over and over again doesn’t really work and the social algorithms hate it. You have to make the old look new, but how? Change up your metadata.

Most blogging platforms and landing page creation tools allow you to do this. So, much like changing the subject line of an email, changing the metadata of your owned content is surely going to help you be seen by a whole new segment of your audience.

Engineer Your Marketing

Engineered marketing is the idea of giving something valuable away for free and then selling something related at a later date. This aspect that is going to work really well for you this year for social media is Quizzes. Last year that one of the most shared pieces of content on Facebook were actually Quizzes, generating almost 50k shares and likes compared to 15k for articles.

Sharing Quizzes feeds the ego of the audience and presents a window into who the audience is, mainly their interests and values. Using tricks like Quizzes is ideal for qualified lead generation, as long as you are asking the right questions.

People love to benchmark their skills against their peers and for marketers it is a great way to attain some amazing insight about the market being tapped into.

These small games and quizzes are really easy to make and to help you, there are tons of quiz generators available online. This presents an amazing way to get unique information out from your audience so that their pain points can be targeted.