As you are aware making sure your website is continually up and working is just as important as the initial design and development.

A website can go down for a variety of reasons as there are so many links in the chain that displays your website to the world. Whatever the reason it is very important that you are alerted instantly if your website goes down as it would be virtually impossible to monitor your own website 24 hours a day by checking yourself.

That’s why I’d recommend using a website monitoring service. There are many of these services around that are both free and paid services, many offer a free basic service that can be upgraded for extra features. One such monitoring service we use is Are My Sites Up?.

Are My Sites Up?

Initially Are My Sites Up? was free for a basic account that let you monitor around five websites and let you know via email that a site was down. They no longer offer a free service but what you get f0r the small annual fee is well worth it compared to the business you may loose if you are unaware your website is not working. The faster you are alerted the faster you can get onto support to get the issue resolved.

Many features are offered even in the Standard Account but the main reason we use this service is the iPhone app that sends you push notifications when a site goes down, where ever you are you can be notified.

Other services provided in the Are My Sites Up? Standard Account are:

Other accounts include:

  • $65 per year – Plus up to 50 websites etc. More>>
  • $95 per year – Pro up to 100 websites. More>>
  • $165 per year – Pro L up to 150 websites. More>>
  • $230 per year –  Pro XL up to 200 websites. More>>

If your website is important to you and needs to be live 100% of the time the set up your website monitor now.