After working for around seven years now, running Nebulas Website Design Ltd, with companies and businesses of various sizes, it never ceases to amaze me that marketing and other promotional material created in-house is of such poor quality it is probably harming their business rather than enticing it in.

I know that a lot of the time budget is an issue but it truly makes me wince when I see a flyer or an add made up in Microsoft Word using very poor clipart images, that they have spent hours working on. With the advent of computers and so much software around enabling every wannabe desk-top-publishing expert I guess it is only natural that this will be happening. I would always happily give free advice on this matter with any client of potential client but when they continually ignore the advice it amazes me even more.

One such case was with a client of a graphic design friend of mine. The company is a large with a multi million pound turnover that don’t have a shop or showroom.  Granted they don’t supply the public with their products, but their ‘shop front’ is their glossy brochures and their website. Both of which need high quality images to promote and sell their products. The issue wasn’t with the quality of the photos themselves it was with the cutting out of these images for the brochures. To save a few pounds they decided not to use the skills of a trained graphic designer and the professional software they would use, but to give the job to a tea-boy who didn’t have a lot to do and tell him to use Microsoft Paint and the rubber tool to cut their products out from the background.

You can imagine how the photos looked. The funny part is that the client wasn’t happy with the pictures and moaned to the graphic designer who had warned them numerous times.

I’m sure this won’t be the last time I am amazed at this sort of thing but. I know the initial outlay is a little more but in the long run it will really help sales and more importantly vastly improve the image of your company or business to employ the services of a professional web designer or graphic designer.