A poorly written product description is like a bad salesman – it provides irrelevant information and scares prospective customers away.

A perfectly written product description is like a highly qualified salesman – it can sell anything to anyone.

What about your eCommerce product description? Is it good enough?

To improve the quality of your product copy, use the following nine tips. Do it to drive traffic to your website and boost sales.

Think like a customer

If you want to make sales, don’t focus on your product’s features – focus on your customers’ needs. And starting from this moment, try to think like a customer.

What would you want to know about your product before buying it? What specific information would influence your buying decision? Technical details of the product are not the only thing that would matter to you, right?

Imagine you’re selling TV sets.

What information will convince your prospective customers to place an order? Do they care whether a chosen TV set has a 75Hz or 60Hz display? Nope. The only thing that they really care about is whether your TV set provides a crystal-clear picture.

If you want your eCommerce business to thrive, don’t try to persuade shoppers that your product is ‘a good one’. Instead, make them believe that your product is exactly what they are looking for. Answer the main question your customer has: “Why this product is the perfect choice for me?”

Choose the right keywords

The product description must include the keywords. So before you immerse yourself in writing, you need to find out what specific keywords are better for you to use.

You can research keywords using Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, or similar tools. If competition in your niche is intense, you should choose low competition keywords to improve your product page visibility.

Also, experts highly recommended using long-tail keywords rather than short-tail ones. That ensures that your products will be displayed to your actual target audience.

Add bulleted lists

Modern customers have busy lives. When browsing products online, they don’t read the entire product description – in order to save time, they scan the text quickly.

For this reason, you should ensure that your product description has a clear, logical structure. You should add a bulleted list (or lists) to make your copy scannable. Here is what you should mention on your list:

  • The key features of your product
  • The major benefits your customers will experience using your product
  • Availability of the warranty (if applicable)

9 Tips to Write a Great Ecommerce Product Description

Use descriptive adjectives

If you want to make your eCommerce product description stand out, stop using adjectives like ‘good,’ ‘best,’ ‘nice.’ Come up with the adjectives that describe your product more precisely.
For instance, if you describe the clothes, choose catchy words like ‘silky soft,’ ‘loose-fitting,’ ‘elegant,’ ‘sophisticated.’ If you sell a home décor product, use the words like ‘rustic,’ ‘Scandinavian-styled,’ ‘authentic.’

Use keywords wisely

Your main task is to integrate the keywords into the text naturally and make sure that the product copy is readable.

Take a look at the following screenshot. It’s an example of a bad product description that is stuffed with keywords. You should never use copies similar to this one.

9 Tips to Write a Great Ecommerce Product Description

Now let’s take a look at a good example. This product copy also includes multiple keywords, but it’s written in a natural language. It appeals to both: online shoppers and search engines.

9 Tips to Write a Great Ecommerce Product Description

Proofread your product description

Now let’s talk about the negative impact of poor grammar. According to Global Lingo’s research, 59% of shoppers “wouldn’t trust the seller and its services” if spot spelling errors and typos.
Google, as well as other search engines, don’t tolerate bad grammar. If web crawlers detect mistakes in the text – the system lowers the product page’s ranking.

The good news is that grammar mistakes are easy to correct. You just need to reread your writing attentively before you “hit” publish.

In case if it’s hard for you to spot your own errors and typos, you can use an online grammar checker or get proofreading help from a thesis writing company. There are so many proofreading services on the web – you have no right to screw up your product descriptions.

Be honest with your target audience

You might be tempted to exaggerate your product’s benefits, but please, don’t do it. Be honest with your target audience when describing the features of your product.

Let’s say you are selling nail lacquer that provides ‘up to 7 days of wear’. Don’t lie in your product description that your nail polish can ‘last up to two weeks chip-free’ in order to boost sales.

Well, this little trick might help you to convince shoppers to place an order. But it will not help you to build a trustful relationship. Once customers get a product that doesn’t match the description, they will get disappointed with your eCommerce company. They will never buy from you again. So your company will be doomed to failure in the long run.

9 Tips to Write a Great Ecommerce Product Description

Write from scratch

Let’s clarify one important thing. If you want to create a great eCommerce product description, you should write it from scratch.

You can’t just rewrite your competitors’ product descriptions and use them on your page. That’s a wrong approach. Firstly, if the search engine spot that content is ‘partly stolen’, your product page will be penalized. Secondly, if you don’t create a unique, authentic text, your products will ‘get lost in the crowd’.

You can use content from the web for inspiration only. All your product descriptions must be written by you and must be 100% unique.

Keep your product copy short and concise

There is no such thing as a ‘perfect length’ of the product description. It all depends on the product you are writing about.

If your product is new to the market, you should provide customers with more details. But if you sell a common product, you should keep the copy short. Why? Because the wordiness does more harm than good. It adds complexity and distracts shoppers.

Wrapping up

Right at this moment, your prospective customers are browsing your product page. So don’t lose a single second, and write a catchy product description.

Use the tips given, and you will avoid common mistakes that your competitors tend to make.