Graphic & Digital Design Never Stops

Each year things come and go. Seasons pass, to-do lists are checked off and added to, the clocks keep ticking, and we just keep on going. Even when we are stuck at home, time doesn’t stop.

While everything may have felt like it came to a sort of halt during 2020, design trends have rebelled against this “pause” in our world. In fact, the design trends as we head towards 2021 show us how we can use disruption and chaos and create artistic designs that unite opposing forces and move us forward.

The thing with graphic and digital design is that it never stops.

Quarantine or lock-down doesn’t stop the digital world from going.

Having more time than ever to play with the “boundaries” of the digital realm, designers have channelled the disruption of 2020 and expanded it into their graphic and digital creations.

2020 might have been a year for the history books, but it has also been a year for a dramatic change in our social relationship with technology—these trends lock-on to that idea.

So, peek into what design opportunities we have moving forward into 2021. The infographic below from Coastal Creative is their 7th annual investigation featuring the 8 latest and rather disruptive emerging design trends for 2021.

Design Trends 2021

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