Mobile apps have drastically changed our lives

Mobile apps have penetrated every nook and corner of our lives. From the way enterprises operate and work to the way people fulfill their daily needs, you have apps for everything and anything. Over the years, the mobile app economy has grown to an unparalleled proportion, and with more than two and half million apps, the app economy is one of the largest across all sectors.

This growth story and financial repercussions apart, mobile apps’ transformative power is something every industry is informed about. From changing the way we shop to how we access entertainment to the way we get things done through remote communication to the way we play games and study, mobile apps changed everything. Whether you hire an Android or iPhone app development service for your latest app project, knowing this transformative power is most important.

Since it is impossible to explain all the facets of this rapid transformation, here we explain some of the most representative ways mobile apps facilitated this transformation, whether in enterprise settings or in personal lives.

Rapidly Proliferating On-demand Apps

On-demand apps have now encompassed almost every different need in our life. From Uber and Lyft for on-demand vehicles to the Zomato and Uber Eats for doorstep food delivery to Grofers and BigBasket’s doorstep delivery of grocery items, we have apps for every kind of delivery needs now.

But if you think that the rapid growth of on-demand apps is restricted to doorstep delivery of consumable items lie food and grocery, you have little idea about these apps’ length and scope. On-demand apps are pretty much into everything. From doorstep delivery of medicines to the on-demand supply of housemaids and gardeners, you have on-demand apps pretty much for every need.

Mobile Apps for Self-help Healthcare

As a category, self-help healthcare has practically come into shape simply because of the mobile apps that allow tracking vital physical signs and measuring important health quotients. From fitness tracker and health monitor apps to the nutrition apps, we have a whole range of apps to help people maintain a better lifestyle, food habit, and track critical health measures.

Mobile apps for quick doctor appointments and doorstep delivery of diagnostic services further helped people avail of healthcare and treatment quickly. The entire self-help healthcare has evolved thanks to these mobile apps primarily.

Enterprise Mobile Apps

Those days are gone when enterprises depend on expensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) software products for their business operation and lead management. Now just an enterprise mobile app can deliver all these crucial tasks besides taking care of the enterprise operational processes and Human Resource management.

Thanks to enterprise apps, businesses can now manage their field staff and remote employees more efficiently, allowing better productivity and output. Enterprise apps helped companies streamlining their business processes while maximizing the Return on Investment by keeping the bottom line in check. A small enterprise can hire iPhone app developers and Android developers team and shape an app that suits its specific business needs.

E-commerce and Customer Service

Thanks to mobile apps, so-called e-commerce stores have now been transformed into mobile commerce apps allowing more customer engagement and faster business conversion. Since most online shoppers and e-commerce visitors now access e-commerce stores right through their mobile devices, mobile commerce apps have now taken center stage of e-commerce as a whole.

The ease of staying continuously in communication with the customers through notifications, providing better customer service through integrated chatbots, and the streamlined and effortless shopping experience through easy mobile-optimized checkout and mobile payment options, made mobile commerce apps so popular. Already mobile commerce apps make the majority of e-commerce stores and will continue to do so.

Mobile Learning Apps

The e-learning industry has evolved almost at the same pace as the web itself. Online learning platforms boast of some of the oldest websites with huge outreach to the students and professionals. Now e-learning solutions to a great extent turned to mobile learning apps. Thanks to mobile e-learning apps, students can enjoy more personalized learning through tools and flow of content as per their preferred learning pace.

Mobile learning apps have received a further boost in terms of exceptional content thanks to the latest technologies like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), chatbots automation, smart voice assistant solutions and many more. Mobile apps accommodating these cutting edge technologies helped to shape the mobile learning experience in a never-before manner.

Mobile Payment

The mobile payment apps and mobile wallet solutions have been crucial in improving the mobile user experience in the overall measure. Thanks to integrated mobile wallet and mobile payment apps, consumers can now make transactions of all sorts most securely while reducing the exposure to a minimum. Mobile payment and mobile wallet apps, to a great extent, reduced the security vulnerabilities associated with online transactions.


The examples mentioned above of how mobile apps continue to transform businesses and our daily lives represent this transformative power only partially. Almost all the latest technologies ranging from artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), intelligent chatbots, and others offer the best examples of their real-world implementation through mobile apps.