When the world’s governments called for a full quarantine for all workers deemed non-essential, it hit the population hard and unexpectedly. Some businesses shut down overnight; others closed up after a few weeks. Still, others were forced to make their employees work from home.

But in the wake, a new era was born. A boom of new entrepreneurs hit the landscape with a dream and the time to see it through. They felt the cold hand of fate and took that hand as it led them toward the future. It gave a purpose, a goal, and an outlet for those willing to feed their families instead of wallowing in despair.

Business Ideas Ready to Launch

From creating an online game like Golden Tiger to writing web copy, there are plenty of creative money-making ideas for an entrepreneur looking to make their mark. Many see the quarantine as a sign that it is time to make that idea more real and tangible.

How to get business ideas and strategies to make you money while stuck at home? Read on; we’ve got you covered!

Become an affiliate to a larger eCommerce business

It is not as hard as you think. You can start your own eCommerce store, sell your affiliated business products, and they will pay you a commission. It is like a consignment store, but everything is new. Once you set it up, with a little maintenance, it is a great source of passive income.

Making Money During Quarantine? It’s Easy With These Business Ideas

Write a blog

Everyone is going through the same thing, and many feel like they are suffering alone. Write about it. Start a blog, get some traction and followers, and if you have enough eyes and traffic, companies will pay you to advertise them. It takes some time and effort, but once you are in, six-figures is not an impossible goal.

Sell your wares

Do you love to craft, or know a language, or have a particular skill? Then it is time to share it. You have nothing but time, and while you are stuck at home, TV will eventually get tiresome. Offer your services or homemade products. There are plenty of people who want to learn from you. Share it for a nominal fee.

Market thy self

If you have an employable skill, it is time to polish that resume and get back out there, so to speak. Whatever you did when employed, there should be a company that needs that skill online — accounting, IT, security, data entry; all done these days remotely. And if you have writing skills, the world is wide open. There is a decided deficit of quality wordsmiths.

Educate yourself

Did you want to learn how to do penetration testing to be a white hat security expert? Now is the time. Did you think of learning a martial art but hate the scrutiny of others? Online classes are available, and the camera can be one-way. There is a world of opportunities, and many businesses offering them for free. Take advantage.

Free Ideas Versus Investment Ideas for Home-Based Jobs

As you can see, some of these business ideas during coronavirus require an investment, and some do not. The business ideas entrepreneurs usually flock to first are those without much long-term efforts for them, especially when it comes to working online. They want to put in and see it run itself. These often cost more to start.

Making Money During Quarantine? It’s Easy With These Business Ideas

Business ideas without money require a more significant investment of sweat equity from you. Writing is free, but it takes work every day, just like any other job. After a while, with the right pay and clients, you can work less and earn more, but that is down the road, and once you have a unique personal brand and portfolio.

Any eCommerce store you choose will need two things: a storefront online and quality advertising. Both of them require a monthly payment. On the other hand, if you want to scrub Windows from your laptop and instead install Kali Linux, the number one pen-test hacker software used today, that is free online.

It is all about choices and trade-offs. Benefits versus sacrifices. And some will fizzle out when the coronavirus is just a terrible memory, but many can become highly sustainable and become something special, spawning new business ideas after lockdown. It is all about perspective, desire, and determination.

Resources for the Uninspired

There are plenty of great places to find exciting and unique business ideas to work from home if you have gotten used to being away from the cubical jungle and now prefer your home office. This article is a snippet of the possibilities, but the list is long, and for someone with a creative mind, you will find that which you seek.

The world may have changed, but the ability to create your destiny has not. Find your niche, pursue your passion, and live your best life. Sure, you cannot travel, hanging out with friends is different now, but there are still plenty of ways to be part of a community. Maybe digging up some business ideas to start is an excellent way to get involved.


Starting a business can be a little scary, but if you put in the work, research, and set manageable expectations, you have an excellent mental footing from which to springboard. Think big if you want but remember that the small details are the most important. Have you started your endeavor during the quarantine, and do you have any tips to help others?

Author’s Bio

Alex Norwood is an experienced traveller and an online entrepreneur. He runs a successful eCommerce business and is always on the lookout for new lucrative ways to make money online. Traveling is Alex’s passion, and he has visited over 20 countries in the last 5 years.