In this technologically driven era, some people love to spend half their hours gauging on their phones. Be it paying bills, shopping, watching Netflix or social media, mobile phones have become an integral part of every individual out there.

A search by statista shows that the number of mobile phone users in the world is expected to pass the four billion mark by the year 2020.

How to Turn Your Website into a Mobile App?

The percentage clearly shows that smartphones have become an indispensable part of everyone’s lives. The world of mobile apps has entered a rapid process of development. In today’s world, you would witness brands that would have websites along with mobile apps to reach out to the potential audience out there.

These are the organisations that believe that having a website can help them reach out to the maximum audience. The audience that is there on different platforms (platforms that include PC and mobile). These are the ones that likely to succeed in the eyes of the customers. Thus, bringing us to a conclusion that when you turn your website into a mobile app, it becomes the ultimate power of any business.

If you are still in a dilemma and unsure of the benefits, then we are here to convince you. Here are some of the reasons which would make you strongly consider the procedure of changing your website into a mobile app.

Reasons Why you Should Turn Website into App

So now the question is, why create a mobile app if the website is already operating?

An app is considered as “native” to the design on which it is operated to run. Thus, it loads and works faster than a responsive website on the same machine.

Other than that some reasons would involve:

1. Accessibility across Multiple Screen

How to Turn Your Website into a Mobile App?

One of the most significant advantages of converting websites into a mobile app is the reliability on different screens. Apps are optimised, and thus they can be accessible to different displays. Moreover, there are users out there that find it hard to access a particular website from a smartphone because they are not able to locate their services quickly.

For a website, it is challenging to incorporate a complete website on a small screen. Hence, they need to be confident about the crucial information they want to access.

2. Reaching out to more audience.

Know that the mobile app tends only to enhance your market of potential customers. It is well known that the number of mobile users is increasing day by day and year by year. Thus, bringing up to a conclusion that thinking about mobile users, and making a potential platform for them is what the businesses need right now. Not only this, but having a mobile app means reaching out to any company at any point in time, at any place.

3. Personalisation made easy

Mobile apps are constructed explicitly for the users out there. It tends to make a note and analyze all the user’s needs, preferences, locations and many other inputs that provide the user with private customer information that are convenient and efficient.

Thus, this allows the audience to filter everything according to the needs and requirements. Not only bringing them the exact thing which they need but also providing them with multiple options of the things they need.

4. Mobile App tends to set any business apart

Having an app for your business has become a worldwide accepted fact that: IT IS NEEDED!

Thousand of tools and templates are now available that helps some of the most tech-averse individuals to construct a website. Apps, nevertheless, are still in the initial method of converting a unique norm in the business and converting a WordPress website into an app that helps to position any company ahead of the competition. It tends to enhance any business and adds functional value to any websites while improving the experience of a reader.

5. Easy Navigation

Opening up an entire website on the mobile browser is a difficult task and time-consuming. This somehow becomes a parasite of the ROI.


Well, the more time a website takes to load up (On mobile phones too) the business tends to lose its potential customers. Thus, for converting a website into an app; organisations tend to follow a standard protocol. This protocol helps them to construct the desired app. This helps the user with easy navigation of the website they wish to browse.

6. Easy Sharing

How to Turn Your Website into a Mobile App?

The accessibility of the apps is the key to success. The excellent app tends to optimise the work seamlessly with the help of other applications too. Having an app allows the user to share and send your business on social media networks. This not only drives more traffic and new users to your business, but it also helps you to set yourself in the market.

7. Offline Mode

A website tends to perform online only. But some apps tend to function even when there is no internet connection or data storage in the device. It is a fact that the user cannot be online all the time, and there are times when they need to retrieve data from a website. Thus, to accommodate them with this facility, you need to provide them with an app to make their business alluring.

Different ways to convert website into mobile app

Here are some of the different ways that would allow the Mobile App Development Company to convert a website into a mobile app.

1. Hybrid Mobile App Development

How to Turn Your Website into a Mobile App?

Having a hybrid mobile app means having a single app that helps in constructing different platforms. In other words, it is like having one app that can fulfil the requirements on many operating platforms like Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows etc.

Hybrid App development is mainly a combination of native and web applications. One of the most popular frameworks which help in constructing a hybrid app in React Native.

2. React Native

It is the best choice for developing a website. It is currently trending technology that improves hybrid mobile apps that also contributes to the migration of content from one app to another. Hence, the user would receive an application that tends to utilise native components of your smartphones.


  • Provides the user with high development speed for react based apps.
  • Web apps are developed with the help of reacting, and thus it can easily be converted into react native with some modification in the code source
  • The developer’s communities enable the user to get a feasible solution in a short period.
  • It tends to grant users with native user experience.
  • Cost-effective solution

3. Native App Development

How to Turn Your Website into a Mobile App?

Native app development allows the user to construct app for various operating systems. If your web application is developed, then all the user needs to do is formulate mobile clients for both Android and iOS. Here it is connected to the same backend where the client is. To change the website to an android app or to develop a feature-rich android app that is based on market scenario, the user needs to Hire Mobile App Developer that can do the adequate work that you are expecting from your app. They should be well versed with Java and Kotlin, thus looking after all the things of the app such as design, development, testing and deployment.


  • Consists of various modules and libraries that help in solving all the development issues
  • High performance, and adequate user experience
  • Provides the user with personalisation
  • Provides the user with safety and security
  • Grants the user with better positioning on the app store

4. Progressive web apps

This is a new technology that is developed by Google. It allows the mobile device to add website or web applications to the mobile screens and then enables them to access it easily. To convert a web app into the progressive app the user needs to add it to the home screen that tends to generate web application manifest file and constructs a service worker that enables the site to work offline and load in a faster manner allowing for push notifications.


  • Allows push notifications
  • Apps are allowed to work in offline mode
  • Reliable and presents the user with smooth animation
  • Helps to rank better in search engine


If you can see the big picture behind making your website into a mobile app, then you would be able to figure out why it is necessary. Investing time and money into a new product might seem risky, but once you spend on the right track, you would be able to figure out the scenario.

In this market, where everyone and everything has a competitor being the unique one helps the business to set apart. Thus creating a broad audience for your business is what you need. We hope that this article was able to solve every query which you had related to Android App Development. If you still want to write something about the article then you can put your thoughts in the comment section. The professionals and the experts would help you to all the necessary aid and solutions.