There are plenty of creative ways you can earn money

If the pandemic has caused you to lose your job, or if you’re looking to pick up extra work on the side, there are plenty of creative ways you can earn money. Working online is a great option that can support a number of different types of work: from freelance writing to marketing to ecommerce, there’s a vast amount of opportunity if you know where to look.

Take stock of your skills

One of the first things you should do before looking for work is assessing your marketable skills. Consider roles you’ve held in your career, and look for details that stand out. For example, perhaps you’ve worked in jobs where you were required to meet strict deadlines. If so, this means you have great time management skills. Or, if you were required to maintain a professional network, writing and communication skills should be highlighted on your resume.

After you can distill your talents into a working list, look for jobs whose descriptions match up to your skillset. Highlight your marketable skills in your cover letter, and drum up a few examples of situations in which you’ve had to lean on your abilities at work. Check online job boards for your industry and use platforms such as Slack to connect with other professionals.

If working from home is important to you, there are plenty of resources that compile information surrounding remote work. Developing a better feel for what you have to offer and meshing that with what is available, you can refine your direction.


If you’re craving flexibility in your career, or if you’re just looking to earn some extra money on the side, explains that freelancing is a great option. Consider your skills, and set up a profile on an online job board such as Upwork to help you connect with potential clients.

Some common fields that often lean on freelancers for work are web design, digital marketing, WordPress development, and ecommerce. There are plenty of benefits to becoming a freelancer: it’s easy to get started, you can choose the type of work you want to do, and the work is typically varied. Freelancing allows you to set your own hours and rates, so you can decide how much and for whom you work.

While it may be easy to get started, there are some key factors that will help you be more successful. You’ll need to be highly self-motivated, adaptable, and a great communicator. Consultancy warns that freelancing can be very competitive, so industry-specific skills are usually important.

Starting your own company

There are many perks of being your own boss, so it might be worth considering starting your own business.

Starting a business is exciting, but also requires a great deal of thoughtful strategy. You’ll want to develop a strong online presence: if you need assistance setting up a WordPress site or establishing ecommerce for your business, companies such as Nebulas can step in and get you off to a great start.

If you’re launching a company, be sure to look into administrative tasks such as how to pay taxes. Entrepreneurs need to jump through several hoops, such as obtaining a business license and permits to operate within an industry. While many business owners might be experts in their fields, it’s common to need help with tasks that are either specialised or mundane, such as bookkeeping and taxes. Consider hiring people to help you, especially in the early days.

Regardless of whether you’ve lost your position or you’re just looking for a side gig, working online is a great option. Resources abound for becoming part of a remote team, or if taking on a new role isn’t appealing, freelancing and starting your own business are great ways to work in your field with more control over your day. Be sure to follow local requirements as you form a company, and launch with a strong online presence to make a good impression in your field.