A rewarding and enjoyable career is often the cornerstone of adult life. But for people with disabilities, there can be significant challenges when it comes to career success. Fortunately, today’s technology offers a means of achieving optimal results at work—enhancing your independence and your job prospects. Here are the tech hacks you need to help you excel.

Stay Connected with an Updated Phone

No matter what industry you’re in, staying connected is vital for your career success. An updated (and reliable) smartphone ensures you can reach coworkers and clients when needed. Both iOS and Androids offer accessibility features you can dip into, like text-to-speech and font alterations. Plus, there are tons of technological tools and apps you can add to help you navigate nearly any work-related need.

Choose Apps to Support Work Duties

For many individuals with disabilities, work environments may not, by default, be the friendliest toward challenges like low vision or for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. While job accommodations are often required by law, there’s only so much employers can assist with.

Fortunately, many apps can provide the support you need to handle your job duties. For example, disability-friendly apps like Dragon Dictation use speech-to-text technology so you can communicate more effectively.

Assistive touch functions and augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) functions are a couple of related highlights when it comes to accessibility apps, and larger, easier to navigate keyboards are a big plus for many people. Your workplace may also have special tools to help you complete your job duties.

Be Savvy About Job Hunting

While visiting businesses to drop off resumes is an excellent strategy as you job hunt, technology can help, too. Depending on your field, dropping into companies’ headquarters with a resume in hand could make you a memorable candidate.

But if the idea is to apply for as many jobs as possible—as promptly as possible—searching online will be vital. Entrepreneur explains that to be efficient in your job search, applying online is a must. You should also invest time in your resume to ensure you’re putting the best foot forward with each application.

Fortunately, plenty of job-hunting sites also offer applications to help you find and apply for your ideal role. Digital Trends recommends job search apps from well-known sites like LinkedIn Job Search, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter, and there are also websites that tailor to helping those with disabilities find jobs, like AbilityJobs, Disability Job Exchange, and Enable America.

If you have a mind to take your skills the freelancing route, there are plenty of opportunities here too, especially if you want to work from home. Many sites can connect you with agencies looking for accountants, web developers, marketing experts, virtual assistants — the list goes on. Plus, you can use the Upwork app to allow you to connect with jobs while you’re on the go.

Make Career Connections

While searching via apps can help you find plenty of job opportunities, don’t discount networking to enhance your career. Whether you’re chatting with friends, checking your school’s job boards, or searching online, you might find the perfect job without much effort.

Of course, connecting with disability advocacy agencies or support groups can also help you navigate employment. Agencies can also help you understand your rights and advocate for yourself throughout the application process.

Prep for Interviews

Depending on the type of disability you have, you might feel apprehensive about attending interviews and meeting with prospective employers. To help ease your nerves, practice interviewing with a friend or your partner. Also, an app like Job Interview Question-Answer can help you prepare for common interview questions, while an app like How to Tie a Tie will show you just that.

Whatever type of job you hope to earn or are already working at, these technology tools might make a positive impact on your career experience. And the best news is that technology is continuously improving and evolving, meaning this is just the beginning. With a few gadgets and the right preparation, your career will blossom!