Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success
– Paul J. Meyer

In the world where you own a business, communicating with your audience is an art. No matter if it is offline or online, customer satisfaction is considered as the only factor that would help you to run your business successfully.

So the question is how to make your business more alluring for the people out there?

Well, it isn’t rocket science.

The energy of being in impression with your client’s needs and requirements would help you to grow more, and nothing is better than useful WordPress contact form plugins.

With the help of the contact plugin, a business provides its customers with an easy way to get in touch with the audience and collect contact information to nurture the relationship.

To generate more leads for your online business and provide people with a reliable contact page, we have categorised some of the best plugins for you. No matter if it is a conversion of PSD to WordPress or any other feature, these plugins can be a great fit.

Find out your suitable one, and take your pick!

Now that you are aware of all the plugins that are there in the market. You need to know all the features that are involved in it. Here is a detailed information on each one of them. Whether it is a PSD to WordPress Theme or any other feature, these plugins would help you with the task.

1. WP Fluent Forms

One of the most useful and dynamic WordPress plugins, WP fluent forms is a smart interactive WordPress plugin that tends to provide adequate functionalities to the users using it. The drag and drop functionality makes this WordPress plugin more friendly and intuitive. Moreover, the plugin offers the WordPress Expert with an authentic way of customising the form according to the way you want it to be. The most satisfying element about this plugin is that it is GDPR friendly that tends to make the contact form GDPR charge. The documentation of this plugin is presented in such a way that it is understood by every developer out there (beginner or advanced)


  • Easy to use interface and beginner-friendly form plugin
  • It is 100% responsive
  • SMS notification
  • Templates that can be reused
  • GDPR plugin
  • Slack integration-ready
  • 30+ field type included
  • Custom form submission

2. WPForms

WP Forms is an extremely feature-rich plugin that tends to manage the delivery of a beautiful and clean user interface. Each and everything tends to operate with drag and drop, which constructs new forms instead, and the user also tends to get prebuilt form templates to speed up it even more. There is a management functionality that tends to track all kinds of potential clients leads from one location. This also helps the WordPress Consultant to monitor the conversion rate on the website. The plugin allows the user to operate across different use cases and thus offer many various templates with very smooth overflow.


  • Provides with the entry management system
  • Logical Implementation
  • Zapier Integration option
  • The forms can be embedded anywhere
  • The files can quickly be submitted from front end
  • The way can be split into different sections

3. Ninja Forms

It is one of the numerous accomplished contact forms used for creating plugins that comes in packed and useful features. The plugin also comes with a drag and drop form builder that tends to support much third-party integration. The free version of the plugin offers features that are enough to set up a basic contact form. However, the user can access more advanced features like constructing extensive multiple form page. However, the WordPress Developer would need to buy the premium version if they need extra features and abilities. Yes, it is safe to say that this plugin tends to take care of managing form submissions within the WordPress dashboard.


  • Allows the user to connect the plugin with Salesforce and slack that tends to share contact form submission data.
  • Provides the user with more 40+ addons
  • Facility to upload files easily
  • Hook up to CRM
  • Attractive layouts and styles
  • Payment option through the renowned payment method
  • Connect with Zapier

4. Contact Form 7

Contact form is yet another lightweight and an excellent WordPress plugin which tends to be insanely popular in the WordPress community. A plugin is a free form that tends to provide many features to consumers at launch. For constructing up a significant form, this plugin is the most reliable and one of the most stable one to use. Not only that but as being a free plugin, it would provide the user with documentation, a FAQ section, a website that has information, HTML to WordPress and support forum. Moreover, the plugin includes essential features that are required to construct dynamic forms.


  • It is a free plugin which is simple to use
  • Consists of easy documentation
  • Help to configure the forms easily
  • The user can easily define the mail setting
  • It tends to support additional plugin
  • The default messages can be customised easily

5. Formidable Forms

An advanced online form of contact plugin, formidable forms is used to construct responsive forms and thus they tend to look really attractive on each and every device. The plugin comes with free lite version that has a limited functionality and a premium version with extra features. IT tends to provide the user with drag and drop builder that constructs simple and complex forms. The plugin is used well with GDPR complaint form that they can either add a checkbox asking for the user constant or can stop saving the IP addresses and form submission. Apart from this the form offers calculation field to construct complex calculation that is utilised for building different calculators. Not only this but it also allows the user to convert HTML to WordPress.


  • Drag and drop feature
  • Email notification for each and every user
  • Importing and Exporting from the external sources
  • Easy integration with reCAPTCHA that tends to prevent spam
  • Presenting the user with exceptionally good style editor for tweaking the CSS

6. Gravity Forms

If you convert website to WordPress and need a contact form in it then this can be the one for you. Gravity form is considered as one of the most advanced forms that are suitable for professionals and the developers. It presents the user with a set of advanced tools, features as well as addons that helps the user to construct different types of forms with multiple pages, custom fields and many other features. The plugin is known to target advanced users as well as businesses that aim to construct more than just contact forms and then collect more and more data to the users.


  • It is a beginner-friendly visual form plugin that tends to execute more comfortable feature while building all kinds of forms
  • There are more than 30 different form field models that tend to create advanced forms and accumulate more data
  • The plugin establishes both Google reCaptcha and Simple Captcha to improve the user to restrict spam emails.
  • The user has the advantage of using it in front-end forms to allow the submitting of the content such as blog posts, feedback, and many more things.

7. Everest Forms

A free plugin that is very easy to use and is easily customisation. Most of the features that are available in this plugin are go-to features. The user can drag and drop their field to construct flexible forms and modify them with a straightforward click. With the guidance of this tool, the user can build unlimited forms with a massive range of variations, multiple columns, Recaptcha and many more such things. To construct new forms, all the user needs to do is add a new button in all form section of the plugin.


  • It consists of multiple column features like simple, 2 column forms and many such things.
  • It is fully responsive
  • It has an easy interface in type
  • It supports drag and drops field
  • Has Google Recaptcha property
  • An advanced area with radio, drop downs, checkbox, dates and many related things

8. Jetpack Form

This plugin is an all in one plugin suite that comes with a built-in contact form. With it, the user can construct a simple contact form of the site visitors to use when they tend to get in touch with any subscribers or emails the list. One of the greatest things about this plugin is that when you use it, there is nothing more to do than to enable the contact form module from that point the user can either tap on the add form buttons in the classic editor section or add forms to any post or page. If not this then the user also has an option to add the Jetpack form block in the Gutenberg editor and add a form to any post or page.


  • A beginner-friendly plugin and lets the addition of contact forms easily
  • Easily embedding of forms and posts
  • It prevents spam by utilising spam protection

9. Ultimate Form Builder

This is a free plugin that presents the users with the quality of making any forms they desire. This is the plugin that tends to enable the user with drag and drop facility to the website while constructing a form. With the help of this form the user can receive emails on any address. Not only this but it also helps them to store in the database which is listed in the backend for future reference.


  • An extensive number of Input Fields.
  • 10 Pre-designed Templates.
  • Adaptable UI Components.
  • Various Custom Components.
  • Components for Survey.
  • Captcha Facility.
  • Many Column Support Arrangement.
  • Ajax Form Submission with Translation Ready Interface.
  • Mobile-Friendly

10. Form Craft

The plugin is used for constructing various contact forms and enabling the user with an easy way to use the form in the web. Different types of forms can be constructed using this sort of plugin. There are 20 types of input fields, and some additional fields that which tend to extend the disable form as well as in the plugin. Most importantly, there is a drag and drop feature of the plugin. Now lets take a more confident look at some of the core features of this plugin.


  • Default Responsive
  • Drag and Drop Ability.
  • 20 Field Types Involved.
  • Live Email Notification Guide.
  • Export-Import Facility.
  • Translation Active Environment.
  • Form Validation From the Front and Backend.
  • Conditional Reasoning

In the Nutshell

Though contact forms are not the only way via which a business owner communicates, it has to be one of the most feasible one. It tends to maintain a standard form of the business. It constructs a sense of openness among the customers so that they can contend with their user more efficiently.

Before you Hire WordPress Developer, make sure that they are known to these plugins. We hope that the list above has helped you to pick out some of the best and most suitable plugins. If you have any doubts regarding the following topic, then you can leave a comment in the comment box. Our experts would help you with the answers.

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