Mobile app development trends are growing

The mobile app development trend is growing and will continue to rise in the near future also thanks to the enormous advantages the apps give the companies to connect with their clients on a real-time basis.

Add to this, iPhone app development has become relatively easier than before as more and more app builder tools are released in the market that allows developers to create highly functional apps without much hassle.

Furthermore, the new revolutionary changes in the IoT, wearables devices and automation is impacting every single sector of the economy and smartphone usage has penetrated almost every corner of the world.

This has opened a door of huge opportunities for various enterprises as well as start-ups to enter into the market and improve their brand recognition and enhance the user experience.
While there are multiple operating systems, iOS is considered to be the best among its peers.

In this age of advanced technological changes, every business wants to create a mobile app that gives an amazing performance, offers an attractive UI and is very easy to navigate.

There are innumerable app development tools available in the market that allows developers to write high-quality code for creating apps that can be on iPhone, iPad, and iWatch respectively.
In this blog, we will share with you information regarding 10 tools for building apps for Apple platforms.

1 XCode

This is a very popular tool for iPhone app development by developers around the globe.

It allows the app developer to easily write, transform and tweak codes as per their needs.

The XCode also helps them to create instruments with personalised visualisation.

Another advantage of this tool is that it allows the developers to compile codes quickly, which is important if they wish to reduce their app development time significantly.

Additionally, the XCode offers you to tackle live issues, it comes with an integrated system.

2 Cocoapods

It is basically a dependency manager for Swift and Objective-C. It consists of more than 68 thousand libraries and it operates more than 3 million apps.

Cocoapods latest version comes with awesome features such as app host support for tests, script phases, and stable framework support that will be useful in iPhone App Development.

3 Carthage

It is yet another popular dependency manager for Swift and Objective-C. It downloads and builds your dependencies and offers you with necessary binary frameworks; however, you will have complete control over your project structure and setup.

Carthage will never automatically change the project files or built settings like Cocoapods. Lastly, it is decentralised and supports submodules.

4 Fabri

This is one of the most popular tools for iPhone app development. The reason for its popularity is due to the numerous advantages and features it provides to the app developer.
This tool is very lightweight and allows you to build high-quality real-time iOS apps.

It has an excellent theming option and provides you with beta distribution and analytics features.

5 Swift Package Manage

With Xcode 11, Swift Package Manager’s stable version is also released.

It is a tool for managing and distribution of swift code. It’s incorporated with the Swift build system to automate the process of downloading, compiling and linking dependencies.

It is It is becoming the first choice of iOS app developers. Also, all the iPhone app developers can easily integrate iOS 13 dark mode into their app using SPM.

6 TestFlight

It is a smart tool that gives the app developer a chance to mine valuable feedback before making the app live on the App Store.

It also gives the developer an opportunity to share a public link wherein more than 10,000 customers can be invited to test the apps before it is offered to the public.

Additionally, you can add up to 25 members of your team to test this app simultaneously on more than 30 devices.

This is very important as it allows the developer to find and fix bugs to improve the performance and stability of the app before it is launched on the App Store.

7 Firebase Analytic

Firebase Analytics is one of the most important tools useful in iPhone app development.

The tool offers free, unlimited reporting up to 500 distinct events. It allows you to analyze events, conversions, and audiences from acquisition to app usage. Apart from this, it provides various other features.

8 RxSwift

This app development tool with its highly useful reactive programming library for iOS is perfect to build dynamic apps.

This tool is perfectly compatible with the MVVM template and allows the app developer to manage the app resources optimally.

RxSwift supports code synchronous and asynchronous and is very useful to write multi-use codes.

Thanks to its wide support and its declarative coding style, it is useful for the rapid development of an app.

9 Firebase Crashlytics

It is a lightweight, realtime crash reporter that allows a developer to track, prioritize, and solve stability problems that reduce your app’s quality.

Moreover, saves developers troubleshooting time by cleverly grouping crashes and outlining all the situations that lead up to them.

10 Create ML

It is the latest tool introduced in XCode 11 that allows creating machine learning models for any iOS app. Using this one can create different models such as Image Classifier, Object Classifier, Sound Classifier, Activity Classifier, etc.


There are innumerable mobile app development tools available in the market from which we have only listed a few based on their popularity, features and ease of use that are used by app developers worldwide.